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      Module 1 sets the tone for the Training System by instilling the proper attitude and philosophy.

      Module 1 Includes all Instruction and Drills for:

      1. Interview Stance (3 primary non threatening positions)
      2. Position and Distance Drill
      3. The Drop step
      4. Short edge of hand with drop step
      5. Points of Entry
      6. Rpid fire short edge of hands
      7. Long edge of hand
      8. Combinations
      9. Vertical edge of hand (rear hand)
      10. Drop Vertical edge of hand
      11. Knee to face
      12. Shoulder stop
      13. Chin jab
      14. Chin jab w/ eye gouge
      15. Chin jab/eye gouge with knee to testicles
      16. Upper cut chin jab w/post
      17. Hand conditioning

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