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Family Safe Seminar is in the "can"

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      We just shot the Family Safe Night seminar last night (pre-release June 12, 2009).

      This program talks to both kids and parents together. It gives them a plan and helps them mind-set an action. Plan, decide and ACT.

      I’m really excited and proud of this training tool. It gives people a realistic perspective and hopefully will make them tougher targets.

      I have kids and I the thought of something to them…well, I can prepare them and help them but there will come a point where there going to have to make decisions for themselves. I hope they trust their instincts and fall back on their training.

      BTW, you don’t have to “practice” a lot. Once the kids go through the drills, all you have to do is follow up with some of the “mind-setting” exercises” on occasion.

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