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      I just received this email from the UK,
      I’ll let Albie, speak for himself…

      Hi Damian, I’ve just received volume 9 of the self defence series and am just as pleased with the contents as volume 1. However, volume 8 was the “one” I had been anticipating for, as the topic of knives is quite prevalent here in the UK at the moment. What can I say….Absolutely devastating and brilliant. It cuts all the crap away from the subject matter in a clear and concise manner. I still see posters advertising a karate practitioner “blocking” and then “incapacitating” a knife wielding assailant in the hope of a knife fearing public running to them to show them the “way” to deal with these thugs! Your DVD shows an attitude that is somehow being dismissed in recent times, they’ve got a knife so yield to their control, CRAP! How about what we Brits used to do FIGHT BACK! As you say on your DVD “Is it better to be hurting/killing them as they stab you or vice versa”! It is my personal opinion that Volume 8 is “the” gem of the series, well so far anyway
      Albie O’Connor UK
      PS Can you please let me know where you get your dummies/mannequins from, the ones on a stand as opposed to a base?
      For further information log onto

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