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Fight like a Spartan: 7 techniques is all you need

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      Fight like a Spartan: 7 techniques is all you need

      In last episode of Deadliest Warrior on the History Channel “Spartan vs. Ninja”. The Spartan weapons expert, a former Green Beret said that one of the advantages of the Spartan was that he really only had 4 weapons. Each weapon was designed with a specific purpose. This gave the Spartan a distinct advantage over the Ninja because he didn’t hesitate trying to figure out which weapon to use. He knew that in specific situations he had only one choice. He learned how to apply his weapon to any situation. This is the same for self defense.

      When you’re life is in danger, just like the spartan, you don’t have time to search or hesitate. Just like the Spartan, you need to be aggressive and effective instantly.
      Like the Ninja, martial arts and combat sports fill you’re head with hundreds of techniques. While in practice you may be able to perform these techniques with wiling partners, in the real world you simply will not have the time to react.

      Below is the list of the first 7 techniques you will learn in the self defense training system:

      Edge of hand
      Heel of hand
      Hammer fist
      Foot Stomp
      Driving knee
      Low Front kick
      Low Side kick

      That’s it. These are techniques that are simple, don’t require a lot of time to master and make use of your core strength (they are also the ones that have been proven to work in the shortest amount of time).

      Combined with the right tactics and training program, these techniques will be the mainstay of your arsenal. No fancy movements or scientific mumbo-jumbo, just what works.

      don’t get sucked into the martial arts myth that you need a lot of technique or a lot of time in training to defend yourself.

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      Dead on Damian, best advice I’ve heard in 5 minutes than from what an MMA coach or Karate teacher could instruct in a month! 7 techniques is all you need to wreck someone in a mere of seconds. Then again it’ll happen so fast I’ll probably only need 2 or 3!

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      I wouldn’t forget the elbows. If you’re close enough for those kicks you’re close enough to use your most powerful arm techniques and you should.

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      Absolutely. The elbow is also incorporated in the edge of hand. Its a “two for one” technique.

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