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      Ive been experimenting with the fist lately. Mainly from the natural non-threatening position 90 degrees at BOB. It seems that it’s easier to throw a shovel hook at a natural standing position than it does a regular hook because of the way the shovel hook is thrown. Because the shovel hook comes in at an angle inbetween a hook and uppercut it wasn;t that hard to just drive with the body behind it as I nearly took BOBs head off when I landed my knuckles on the corner of his mouth. Any opinions, tips?

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      I see no one has an opinion, tip or advice.

      What is everyone incomepent here?

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      Fist, palm, edge hand, lollipop, whatever. If you got it then you use it to cause destruction.

      My personal favorite self defense tool that I carry is an actual shovel. People focus on the chainsaw and they don’t see the shovel coming.

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      Prevail, that’s hilarious! I may use that line sometime if that’s OK.

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      Feel free to use it, I don’t plan on trademarking it or anything.

      With all this macho self-defense stuff, I think it’s important to not take oneself too seriously. I have made it this far in life because of one thing:

      Laughing my ass off.

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