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      flow is another botched buzz word that riddles the martial arts world and to I think I’m going to snap my boot off in the ass of the next granola eating, sprout snorting new age kung fool who starts pontificating about flow and chi.

      Flow and chi are are “churched up” explanations for body mechanics and adrenaline. What?!? Doesn’t sound so pretty now does it?

      These are things you normally do they are developed in practice. Just hitting your training dummy and doing the drills will develop your adrenaline and your body mechanics.

      But like most martial artists who need to complicate things to justify their being, you have to make it sound more important than it is.

      You do this naturally. When you…walk and run.

      The cadence of self defense is direct and explosive. You only redirect when you get the hell out of the way. Trying to intercept a thrusting knife in the hand of a man intent on running you through will get you KILLED.

      So please, if you do practice to flow and capture go ply your trade in county and tell us how you do.

      Bruce Lee himself was advocated the STRAIGHT BLAST. Flow drills are for warm ups and you used to contact. Very similar to pummeling drills in wrestling (except there is a direct application there).

      You’re going to avoid meeting a larger stronger force head on. Believe me when a 250 pound psycho is bearing down on you, you;re first instinct is to get the hell out of the way.

      Your body is always going to seek the path of least resistance, like every other living creature on the planet.

      Adrenaline is designed to give you a burst of energy and withstand incredible amounts of pain. You are born with a fixed amount- mo more no less.

      So what separates the good, the bad and the ugly….

      Attitude. The will to survive and the confidence to obliterate whatever you strike. That only comes from training. The right training.

      Train to hit and hit hard. You’re body will figure out the flow. When you see that training dummy pop, you’ll know you’re doing damage.

      The adrenaline will kick in all on its own.

      Congratulations, you’re a Kung Fool Master.

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      Well said Damian. do you ever run out of this type of knowledge!

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      No, its my job and I’m a genius when it comes to this stuff.
      Did you start the SDTS yet?

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      what was the message you received when you tried to enroll?

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      I noticed you tried to enroll in The Self Defense Training System, the worlds most lethal Self Defense Program but for some reason your enrollment didn

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      I just had accounts run your information down.
      You got that message because you abandoned the cart. That means you started to fill it out but never completed the enrollment. You didn’t even enter you name.

      My only question is
      Is you’re name Kitty or Kathleen or do you still live with your mom?

      Can we call you Kitty? I know it doesn’t sound as hardcore as Anglo Saxon Combatant, but Kitty does strike fear in the hearts of mice.

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      Damian I like you I totally respect you and Lord knows you carry on Cestari’s (and Fairbairn’s) TRUTH about combat….but you need meds…


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      LOL LOL LOL Totally kiddin man I love that approach …I’m a d***head too!!

      Love to train live with ya one day.

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