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      Hi guys, so I’ve posted a question on your facebook yesterday, and i was adviced to post here.

      So here was my questions :
      “I’ve started training the modules for a moment now, but a question has blocked me.
      What foot is best to put in front ?
      I’m right-handed, and i know that usually in most fighting styles, i should put my left foot in front.

      But in your videos, Damian is most of the time with the right foot in front. Is he left or right handed ?
      And what do you think would be the best ?”

      To what you replied :
      “Generally you lead with speed and follow with power, right? but let me ask you…which FEELS better?”

      So the fact is that right foot feels better, but maybe that’s because i started training with the right in front ?
      Also, a guess my right arm is the most powerfull, so wouldn’t it be better to start with my left arm (speed) and then follow with the right arm (power), so with the left arm (and so left foot) in front ?

      Last, I’m french, so sorry if my spelling isn’t right =)

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      Michael you’re English is perfect….you DON’T want to see my French.

      Anyway – it seriously depends on you working through the combinations. This is why you train.

      I lead with my left foot and clean house with my right.

      I also box, kick box this way. But….

      I fight Judo Lefty
      I wrestle Lefty
      I surf…(you guessed it) Lefty
      And I write lefty but…I throw and bat righty.

      So what does that mean???

      Nothing. No – just kidding.

      Train each side there is NO WRONG ANSWER.

      Fact is when you’re placed in a stressful situation, you’re going to go where you should go.

      So let’s do this.

      Just stand in front of your dummy and establish distance and drop a foot back as fast as you can.

      There’s your answer.

      We can go on and on about the advantages of power hand forward or speed hand forward but there is NO right answer only YOUR ANSWER.

      And that is found in practice.

      Great question. It means you’re really training.


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      Great question and I use to struggle with this myself. Some styles (Jeet Kune Do for example) lead with their “strong side” forward. So if they are right handed they would have their right foot forward as well. What I have learned is that in combat there really is no set stance. Fighting is nasty and we do not always have time to “square up” Shit if we did square up all the time it becomes a little harder to plead “self defense”

      Damian is dead right. Train both sides. See what feels better for you as you do your combinations. There are no set rules. Just make sure to take ground aggressively.

      Hope that this helps.

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      James Goolsby

      Also note that sometimes the situation or circumstances dictate. For example, I actually “feel” more comfortable with my right side in the lead position. However, because I am a right-handed police officer, I pretty much always line up left side forward so that my firearm is farthest away from the subject. Although I’m pretty confident that the ol’ Elbow Spike/Edge of Hand combo would negate any attempt to grab my gun, why put myself in that situation if I can avoid it?

      In your case, perhaps the environment may dictate. Perhaps there is a wall to one side or the other and it just makes sense to line up a certain way. Or, maybe your opponent is standing at a slight angle and you don’t have time to adjust position at that precise moment. Or maybe… Or maybe… Or maybe… you get the point. As Damian points out: “Fact is when you’re placed in a stressful situation, you’re going to go where you should go.” I have found that as long as I trust my instinct, my body pretty much does what it supposed to do almost automatically. That is the beauty of SDTS. Attack the man and take ground; the rest will take care of itself. :smile:

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