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      Would anyone here advise that I simply ignore people who’re being beligerent, talking shit and trying to start a fight with me. It’s everywhere you go these days. People bitch, talk shit, make threats to try to scare and and impress their friends. I’ve been in public places and several times have I had people say random shit trying to get me going for no reason. Now if they made it clear and got close enough to me then yes, I would initiate the assault and finish it there, but until that happens should I just ignore it because I like letting people talk shit. It’s funny and I could care less what others think. Letting people talk shit is good for you because they’re convinced you won’t act. The more they under-estimate me the better.

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      I would. And, reevaluate why you are going to a plcae that caters to that type of people anyway. In my younger days, I quickly realized not going to those places – where people are always looking for a fight – saved me tons of grief. There are must better places to hang out instead of those where you are looking over your shoulder all the time – how much fun can that be?

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      Exactly Kirk.

      HW, I would carefully examine where you are going that these types of confrontations are going on.
      If it’s happening at school, then that is somewhat understandable but you need to make sure the places you are hanging out aren’t related to this.

      Believe me, putting yourself in more positive surroundings with positive people will take you alot further in your life.

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      I would strongly advise you to fight only in defense. In defense of yourself or others who need protecting. Fighting needs to be a last resort or actually when ya have no other choice.

      This is a common statemen that sometimes folks gloss over on but it is no joke or game. The reality of defense is that not only is your or someones else health on the line.

      When one enters a defensive situation not only is one health or life on the line but the the following is on the line as well.

      1) Your Freedom
      2) Your resources.
      3) If a minor: Ones families resources.
      4) Ones Piece of mind. Severly injury or killing someone can play and/or devastate ones mind for a life time. This happens to alot of people but of course not everyone. One does not know how there gonna react to this scenerio until they live it. The flip side is worth noting too. What if it doesnt bother you? This is the reality of violence and not worth the risk over childish words.

      B) If one has to deal with realities of the the first three. The stress level is extreme and if one has to be in this situation it should because they had no choice.

      There are more factors. I may go to later but it is clear that in a defensives scenerio one needs to make good, rational mature decessions. Because this is serious business.

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      All true, regardless of where you go, crackheads and wunna-be gangstas will be everywhere

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      I don’t agree, I can’t remember the last time I was around crackheads or wanna be gangstas, that isn’t to say I’ve never seen them, just that it is easy to avoid being around them most of the time. Agreed not always, but most of the time, yes.

      I think avoiding these types of people and situations is important to staying out of trouble, It’s not always possible but you can avoid most trouble if you make an effort.

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      Sometimes I just hope people will push me.

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      Don’t hope, trust me it’s not worth it.

      I remember someone once told me, you know you’re in a real fight when you don’t want to be there, anything else and you’re just contributing to the situation.

      If some nut attacks you with a knife, believe me, you won’t want to be there, that’s when you know you are fighting for your life and involved in a situation where you are justified in doing whatever it takes.

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      So is that it? Your grass hopper speech!

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      I did visit the nononsenseselfdefense site. I liked it. At times I do consider myself to be a violent person….whose trained!

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      Here is a video of a real self defense situation, you can easily see why you would NEVER want to be involved in this.

      That’s not a “grasshopper” teaching moment as you put it, it’s just the truth as far as self defense is concerned.
      I’m sharing this video so we can learn something not for entertainment.

      The store clerk is doing everything he can to survive and luckily wasn’t seriously injured.

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      If he didn’t fight back, he probably would have been dead or seriously injured.



      The ONLY WAY to fight back it to attack the man and cause as much damage as possible.

      FACT: Unless you are shot or stabbed in the hypothalamus of the brain you will not die instantly. Other wise you will most likely bleed to death. (3 ways to die in combat: asphyxiation, loss of blood and blunt force trauma- Module 12).

      Do not chase the weapon, you will get stabbed, shot, etc (module 8)

      Do not wait for the attack (module 1)

      Hit with hate, hit to hurt!

      Look what happened when the clerk mobilized…they fled.

      NOTE: Clerk didn’t stop fighting when he was attacked.
      Clerk survived. WIN for the GOOD GUYS.

      LUCK is when preparation meets opportunity. This is what you have to expect. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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      Damian what’s your opinion of Mark Mcyoungs Nononsenseselfdefense website?

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      It’s a website.

      He says a lot of good things on the site but a lot of people often do. I think I have one of his books around here someplace I purchased at some point in my life, but I really can’t recall what he teaches tactically.

      In any case, when I’m learning about someone I automatically go to the ABOUT section. This way I can see what a person is about. I want to know did this guy go to Harvard or does he have a GED.

      With this stuff, like you I look at training, teaching experience and professional or personal experience.

      In the about him section it just seems like a lot of story telling. There aren’t dates, names and facts associated with events or training.

      The “about you” is your resume to the world.

      Would you hire a salesman who put on his resume:

      I won an award for salesmen of the year
      I have sold pharmaceuticals, cars and pots and pans
      I have been selling since I was 15
      I am such a good salesman that I was nicknamed “SLICK” because I can sell ice to an eskimo.

      I’m not saying that any of the claims are untrue, but it leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

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      alot the his info looked pretty good as I was reading through the different columns and shit. Other than that, I didn’t see a sample of what he was teaching. BTW, in the SDTS, do you also deal with the many different types of ways a punk can hold a handgun on you. handguns are my biggest fear, a rifle or shotgun, yeah, not so much but a P-shooter. Damn.

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      EXACTLY. No samples, nothing.

      Fire arms: Yes in Module 8. We do both handgun and long gun. But it’s not as complicated as that.

      The weapon is either at your head (front, rear or side)
      Midsection high (front, rear or side)
      Midsection low (front, rear or side)

      Handguns are also trained with a grab (not the Frankenstein Martial Arts Grab) The in your face, jack you up grab where you can smell is stench.

      Then it’s simple: clear the weapon, destroy target.

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      true, but id think any type of grabbing the wrist or any type of grab motion for that matter would make the gun go off. The wrist is full of nerve centers and reflex impulses, so even tapping a guys wrist with a gun in his hand id think would naturally make him fire, similiar to a doctor tapping your knee with a hammer to make sure everything works. What about gangsta style when the gun is pointed at you sideways

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      You have to see module 8 to see it in action. TWISTY WRIST SHIT doesn’t work. There’s not enough room and it requires finite motor skills.

      What has been understood and known to work is in module 8.

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      where’d you learn all these different kinda tactics to put together the SDTS. Im into the whole history of combatives as I am studying it. Were you trained by old-school defendu dudes back in the day?

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      My key influence in this area is Carl Cestari.

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      Thanks for the commentary on the video Damian.

      I found it was a great example of someone fighting back with everything they had.

      Not much technique in there but the will to survive and following through in the moment. The guy got stabbed many times but none were life threatening and he lived through a very ugly situation where most people would have probably been killed.

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      The underlying message of the SDTS is this:
      Simple works. In the beginning you have 2 or 3 primary techniques combined with correct footwork and movement.

      Train them for every possible scenario (distance and position).

      1. man in front at distance
      2. man in front close
      3. man behind you close
      4. One standing one prone distance
      5. standing prone close
      6. Mount
      7. Guard

      Each positions is trained from both perspectives.

      Develop power in your strike.

      Power = Confidence

      When the fit hits the shan, you’re only going to be able to recall a handful of techniques when stressed.

      Scumbags are willing to take the first step. That’s the key. They will escalate to physical use of force well before John and Jane Q. Public will. It is our job to enable law abiding citizens to take the first step BEFORE the criminal does. This gives you a huge tactical edge.

      After that, the rest is gravy baby!!!!

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      Does the chinjab put pressure on the discs in the cervical vertebrae? I hit myself gently with it, it was a very uncomfortable experience!

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      Yes. First point of contact is the chin and causes trauma to the jaw. Next is the referral shock to the brain and finally the top of the spine for a whiplash effect.

      With the post it multiplies the force significantly.

      On a personal note, you might want to stop doing that, especially when you get to the NUT CRUSHER.

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      Ha, well I only did it one time, and gently as I said. my bob is filled to the top with water in his drum and I still manage to nearly knock him over. With the post though, Id imagine you’d crush someones spine. Dont tell the liberals though!!! BTW. I love clavicle smashes with the EOH and hammer fist, but I haven’t broken the damn thing like the other guy did. How do I gain that much power

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      alot of people out there can take a hit or two. So instead of delivering hits. Use a chinjab and knee to the balls and call it a day. Unconventional methods of war always work and if it’s unconventional and hella outta the ordinary, Im all for it.

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      “Dont tell the liberals though!!!”

      I’m sure liberals need to know how to defend themselves too. lol

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      No. Liberals dont need to defend themselves because they’ll probably just try to talk their way outta it! ALl liberals are good at talkin shit

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      can anyone tell me why the u.s. military doesn’t train in methods such as the SDTS. MCMAP and the Army’s combative program of basically modified MMA based tactics without all the rules and shit. Im like WTF, why don’t our boys train in the real shit?

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