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      From: Douglas CXXXXX []
      Sent: Tuesday, February 02, 2010 8:25 PM
      Subject: Damien Ross

      Mr. Ross,

      How dare you put down these lost souls and talk like someone on the offense (and offensive). I thought this was a self defense course. You go on to say in your newsletter,” where you can spend your night knocking out crack heads in one of the town’s many condemned buildings.” How about helping some of those addicted lost souls that are stuck in that rut and put together a camp for some of the younger ones so they have something more fun and constructive to do and good role models to look up to instead of knocking out these PEOPLE with so many problems including poverty. I challenge you to do that. To round up some of those same people from the community you just spoke about and ask them via you and other volunteers if they would like to do something with their lives and attend your training three times a week instead of the gang life they are headed for and the unjust prison system with two million people behind the bars. Maybe contact Bo LoXXXX at the Human Kindness Foundation to find out how your organization can help some of the young men coming out or on the road to that life style. You are in a position to step up to the plate and be the man you portray. Bo could give you some ideas or maybe put you in touch with the right people that would like to learn how to make our streets safer. I know some crack heads that would not hurt a fly (literally a fly) yet you suggest some of your ‘followers’ to come on down and have some fun knocking out crack heads. That is a disgusting message and a poor role model for people who look up to you for direction. What you suggested is neither fun nor funny. When I was 14 (38 years ago – an immature kid) we thought it was fun and funny to go to the gay part of the city and chase some of the gays in the park and if we caught one throw some punches and scare the shit out of them. I feel so bad for that behavior and for a long time when someone like you that says terrible things like attacking people for fun I stick up for people as what have they done to you and why instigate such behavior. Enough, you get the message. I am serious about the challenge and you even have a web site established you could add a section or page for a volunteer program.

      D. CXXXXX

      Dear Self-hating, Gay-basher,

      Thank you for proving the point: stupidity knows no age. At 52 years old you wouldn’t understand sarcasm if it jumped up and bit you in the ass.

      Now on to your comments…
      Do I really care why a junkie is going to try to gut me over whatever I have in my pockets?

      Will I reason with a crackhead who has no sense of right or wrong because every fiber in their body will do anything to get that drug and at that moment could care less of what happens to me or my family?

      Do you think I will take the time to try to emotionally and psychologically diagnose a junkie who is about to hit me over the head with a brick?

      Seriously, what part of Fantasy land do you live in?

      (These are rhetorical questions Doug, please stick with me)

      If a junkie wants to kill themselves in silence, great- just don’t make me pay for their funeral costs.

      “You know crackheads who wouldn’t hurt a fly”. Well Doug, I really don’t spend time with any crackheads, only the people they stab, rape and rob.

      Buy, hey, we need people like you.

      If you choose to rollover and get prison raped because of something you did in your past…knock yourself out. All I offer is my sincere thanks for your sacrifice. Because the more bleeding heart, self loathing people like you, the less people like us have to fight for our right to obey the law, raise families and pay taxes.

      By the way, unlike you who feel compelled to tell other people what they should do with their resources and in the same breath gladly tell other people HOW GENEROUS and GIVING they are only to prop themselves up as a good guy, my donations of time and money are strictly between me, my accountant and the organizations I donate to.

      Doug, unlike you I chose to help and reward the people who made the RIGHT decisions in their lives and not waste my time and resources on the people who threw away their chances.

      Why don’t you help victims groups, Battered Women, or Victims of Rape instead of an organization that focuses on helping PRISONERS!!!!! The (The Human Kindness Foundation)

      You’re a real piece of crap, I’m sure all of the victims and their families sleep better at night because you’re singing “Coombye yaa “with the convicts who murdered, raped and robbed them. You’re a real pillar in the community.

      I really dislike you Self-hating, Gay-bashing Doug, thank you for your name and IP address.

      Keeping the focus on the GOOD GUYS

      PS. At 14 years old most people already know better you homophobe.

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      I got the email in question and got a good laugh out of it! Why? Well not because I like hurting people. In fact if I made it the rest of my life without another scrape…it would be great. Actually it was funny as hell because it was rediculous. I mean come on. Yeah we are all gonna get together and attack people like a pack of thugs. :roll: A) I would never do such a thing. Im a respected and honorable man. B) To suggest we would risk family, freedom, money, business and self respect etc is crazy.

      The irony is that his email makes a HUGE statement of his character and frame of mind that he would think that Damian could be serious. Then again hes attacked homosexuals for fun. Is friends with crackheads and feels sorry for felons :roll:

      Upside is that now Damian can make sure he does not get any or anymore modules. He obviously should not be training. It was not intended for his kind.

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      Recently I talked to someone whose been in recovery for a number of years. Didn’t matter how low he sank or how many people he hurt he just kept doing his thing until he’d had enough and made the change. He still struggles, but the alternative is no longer acceptable.

      I’ve met many good Christian men who struggled with drugs and alcohol, and they all freely admit how dangerous they were until they found help. Many are regretful of criminal behavior, but they can’t change the past.

      So for all those suffering addiction I hope you wake up and want to get better, but you cross me or threaten those I love you’ll have a sudden realization that there are worse things than drugs.

      Oh btw Mr. Self Righteous. The gays that train with us, we never ask so I have no idea how many, chase assholes like you out of the park.

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