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      I am 56 and just getting back into gear after a long illness, surgery, and treatment of a resulting chronic pain problem. Due to aging, some arthritis, and the period of inactivity, I have lost a lot of flexibility and strength, especially in my hips and legs. What recommendations would you have about getting back into shape?

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      This goes for everyone. IF you have module 7 start with the first circuit and modify according to pain. If you don’t yet…see below.

      First, set time aside, 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week.
      The following is in order of body impact, if you can’t do the first one, don’t do the next one.

      Bike, regular or stationary
      Jump Rope

      Do this for 20 minutes- take breaks. Even if you don’t do anything. set the time side- no TV, no radio- nothing. This is what we like to call the PRISON METHOD. If you have nothing to do, you will work out because you’re bored. :)

      Next try the following circuit
      1. Squats (as deep as you can) 1 to 20 max
      Feet shoulder with apart and bend your knees
      2. Good mornings 1 to 20 max
      Fee should with apart, legs straight, bend at the waste and reach for the sky bending as far back as you can (don’t fall over).
      3. Push ups or Push ups from your knees 1 to 20
      4. Back extensions 1 to 20 man
      Lie on your stomach, hands behind your head and raise your chest of the ground as high as you can and pause (for only the count of 1)

      Do this circuit 1 to 5 times. If you can do it 5 times at MAX reps, you’re well on your way.


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