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Getting the Guardian program set up at my organization

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      Hi all,

      Archangel asked me to make a post here concerning getting the Self Defense Company’s Guardian program in place in my organization. By way of introduction: I’m a former Marine (9 years active duty back in the 70’s – Honorably discharged as a Staff Sergeant) and have been a Police Officer since 1997.

      So, here’s the deal…

      I’m the Executive Director of the Police Foundation here in my city. Sounds impressive, but it really isn’t!… I’m just doing it as a favor (unpaid) to our Chief of Police till the Foundation starts generating enough funds to pay someone more “qualified” to be the Executive Director (you know… a civilian with a plastic smile and a Master’s Degree?) :) . He wanted to get a Police Foundation started before he retires, so I agreed to help him get it started.

      I already presented a pilot program to the Foundation’s Board of Directors that includes several areas of free services I want the Foundation to provide to my fellow Cops and their families (Home Safety classes, Self Defense classes, and several other areas).

      I’ve already gotten a tentative vote of confidence from several of the Board of Directors (enough to get a majority vote at the next Board meeting in July).

      The Guardian program will be the system that I’m going to try to get into place at the Foundation so I can begin to get the free Self Defense classes set up and running.

      I’ll keep you posted as I go through the “trials and tribulations” of getting the Board of Directors to part with some of the, admittedly limited, (…the Foundation’s just getting started) funds to get the Guardian program in place and running. Maybe it’ll help someone later on when they want to the same kind of thing at their organization.

      That’s it for now,

      Eddie Gilbert

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