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Gracies put out "self defense video"

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      First, I have to go on record and say that any exposure to the Gracie family (the originals Helio, Royce et al) has been a positive experience. Their contribution to martial arts and combative sport was a much needed shot in the arm and will go down in history as the modern mixed martial arts explosion. They did what Judo and Wrestling never even conceived. whie they remained focused on the Olympics, the Gracies brought to light the shortcomings and dispelled a lot of myths regarding the capabilities of martial artists and their systems.

      That being said, they have put their latest efforts on self defense, based on their recent “flavor of the month” training of US Army Rangers, they have misapplied combat sport to self defense, yet again.

      At the end of the day, they are still teaching the defense specific techniques I learned in Tae Kwon Do in the 80’s. Here Sr. (RIP) is demonstrating some releases and escapes.

      I doubt if the man himself was ever attacked in this manner he would even think to attempt these techniques. When I look at this I don’t care much about speed, given the age of the man, I look at the initial reaction and the attitude of the attack.

      A tow handed choke is usually followed by a head butt and a knee to the family goodies. The attack is up close and eyeball to eyeball. NOT at arms length. A grab hook punch happens rapidly and without hesitation.

      Now on to the next generation…

      Grappling without gear on in the field can be done. But on your basic LEO work belt, BP vest and you have a different scenario. I’m sure our guys kicking down doors in Kabul aren’t doing it in Cammies, BDUs or whatever you all are calling them these days.

      Add to the fact that we are still looking at sporting techniques. There is not a pin hold and arm or a leg lock that does not leave something vulnerable. Strangles are different. If someone who KNOWS how to strangle, has you locked up…you’re done like dinner.

      Prove me wrong…do the drill. This must be done with a VERY close training partner.

      One person has a strangle in, the person being strangled has hold of the stranglers “peaches”. You can do it with fingers in the eyes, but if the strangler has his head buried correctly, the eyes will be difficult to find.

      Have a third person say “GO”. Whoever let’s go or passes out first loses.

      Back to their program…the issues are many. Primarily, the largest is that they are taught with a partner, they are complicated sport techniques and they are not easy and simple to do.

      It is the same thing that any BJJ, Judo fighter know repackaged and remarketed.

      I hope that they turn there focus back to grappling and submissions because their technical expertise and method of training is outstanding. I would really like to see less moves and more drills!

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