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      Question on the grade 1 testing…

      One of the techniques is the side kick. I’m just looking for some clarity on this. The kicks from the modules include the instep, saddle, point of toe. Shin kick type techniques coupled with the stomping/driving footwork.

      For the testing, what is being assessed and critiqued for the side kick? Maybe something I missed…

      Thanks for all the help and advice!! #SDC for the win!

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      Module 2 unit 44 will show you exactly what we are looking for when it comes to the sidekick.

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      Thanks George! Figured I’d probably seen it before but was missing it trying to go back. I’m going to get registered for the video testing. Looking forward to it. Don’t judge my “home dojo” too harshly. I have a small wing Chun wall bag, picked up a heavy bag (but no good place to hang it yet) and my fiance thinks we don’t have any more room in the house for my “judo stuff” as she calls it. Hahaha!! We’ll get there. Thanks again!

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      Ok, one other question George, to make sure I’m doing this correctly. I can email you too if it’s easier/better to take this off the forum…

      It looks like the video testing is based on the rank of the instructor I’m submitting to, not based on the level I’m testing for. As in, I need to pay $50 to coordinate and schedule with you, or if I choose a level 1 instructor I would need to pay $15 and coordinate with them. Am I understanding that correctly? I know Bry is fairly close to me like we talked about before…

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      Email me and we can chat.
      I can help you out.

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      Thanks brotha!

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