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Grappling: The Last Resort in Defensive Tactics

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      Physical confrontations always run the risk of being potentially deadly. A well placed strike, a weapon or simply falling to the ground can cause serious injury or death.
      But there lurks a more dangerous silent killer. Any physical contact you run the chance of contracting blood diseases like HIV or Hepatitis C.

      If you are the victim of a violent crime there is a strong chance that your assailant will be in a high risk category for these infections. Drug addicts, someone with a drug history or other sorted sexual activities have a great chance of carrying these potentially fatal diseases. This concern of infection is paramount on every law enforcement and security personnel.

      Officers today have grave concern over being stuck with a needle, or cut and infected when trying to subdue a subject. Due to the nature of their jobs, they have a high incidence of physical contact with this group. Agents want to perform their duties while minimizing their exposure is a primary concern for officers the world over.

      The threat of infection doesn

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