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Ground fighting training without mats

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      I have been trying to work around the problem of training without mats. There is only so much you can do inside. I want to train the ground work because not only is it part of the Self Defense toolset but it is great fitness training as well.

      The solution I have come up with is to wear several layers of old clothing over one of those full body work overalls and waterproof trousers and then put on an old thick jacket. In the current UK winter conditions thick gloves and a padded hat are optional extras. This allows you to breakfall and train ground fighting without getting wet or grazed up on a hard concrete or grass floor (especially one that is wet or covered in snow or ice!)

      Essentially you are wearing your mat on your body. It seems to work very well. I thought it might be useful for those who don’t have access to mats or who live in rented accommodation where it is difficult to do any groundwork other then outside in the garden.

      I have been using this method and it really gets rid of the excuse of “I have nowhere to train groundwork” or “it is too cold, wet, icy…etc”. It certainly develops the willpower.

      Hope you guys and girls find it useful.


      Harry :D

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      You can also go with elbow and knee pads.
      This is great for realistic ground training IMO, everyone should try it at least once.

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