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      James Goolsby

      I just picked up the materials to put together my brick. Here’s the break down:

      Concrete Block: $1
      Flat Block: $1
      Brick: .58 cents
      Sponge: $2
      Belt Sander Belt: $1
      Pea Gravel (to fill homemade Makawara): $3

      Canvas bag (for Homemade Makawara): $2

      That’s it guys. Since I already had tons of Duct Tape at the house, I was able to build my entire MOD 1 home setup — minus the BOB, of course — for about $10. Now what other “martial arts” program are you going to find that only requires $10 worth of stuff to get started? That’s just one more amazing thing about SDTS; like the system itself, it’s nothing fancy… but it freakin’ works! I fall more in love with this system every time I log in. I am soooooooooo done with traditional martial arts. BOOM! Keepin’ it simple Smile

      P.S. Yes, I know I am totally dating myself with the Puff N’ Stuff reference in the title. lol

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      Good job, i was lucky to of had most everything laying around my house Laugh
      A bunch of tape and a few bricks were in my shed, and while looking around i found a brand new sanding sponge hehe
      already had some sandbags made for working out so I modified one to use with the brick.
      It all kinda gives a new meaning to “hit the bricks” Kiss

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      You guys rock! Or should I say brick…………Laugh

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      YES!!!!! Great, great post James.

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      James, can you explain how you made the homemade makawara. I already have my brick and a sandbag, the sandbag being dual purpose, fitness and hand/arm conditioning. But hey a guy can never have enough of stuff to hit and workout with lol.

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      James Goolsby


      I just picked up a canvas bag from Wal-Mart. It’s larger in size, but closely resembles, the rectangular bag we used to keep our pencils n’ stuff in when we were in grade school. It’s heavy duty canvas material, and has a zipper that runs along the top lengthwise. I simply filled it about 1/3 – 1/2 full with pea gravel, zipped it up, and ran some duct tape along the zipper edge for extra support. It doesn’t look anything like the one Damian uses in the videos, but for the purpose of something to rest my brick on that has a little give, it works beautifully.

      Of course, your sandbag sounds like it will do just fine. In fact, I started out by looking for some type of sand or beanbag myself. When I couldn’t really find anything that I thought would hold up to the punishment I intend on dishing out, I figured, what the heck, I’ll build it myself. Like I said… it’s damn simple, and it certainly ain’t pretty, but it works! Laugh

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      Love the ingenuity. Some people walk through Home Depot and think about building, I walk through and think about training.

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      @Damian Ross said:

      Love the ingenuity. Some people walk through Home Depot and think about building, I walk through and think about training.

      Agreed! Home Depot is my favorite fitness store lol.

      James thanks for that info I never thought about that with those bags. I have a couple extra left over from my kids school supplies. :)

      As far as sand bags go I have a couple regular sandbags that you use to build stuff one weighing about 30 lbs and one around 50 lbs. I also use my old military duffle as a sand bag, some days it may have 75 to 100 lbs or I can go up to 200 lbs but when I get it that heavy it’s really really tough to throw around.

      Who says fitness has to be expensive. The sand bags were basically free and the sand was too! Cool

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