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      Devil’s Night: Another Sign of the Apocalypse or An Excuse to Express Your Inner A-Hole

      Every year from October 29 to October 31 the degenerates of greater Detroit decide to celebrate by setting fires to their homes, businesses, schools, Churches and anything else that is not flame resistant. It’s called “Devil’s Night” and every year, the police risk their necks to combat this massive wave of retards (look up the definition before you start whining you politically correct wussy). Sure, the fires BEGIN in abandoned buildings but then fires do something…they spread until they are out of control.

      I supposes these pyromaniac-idiots think that they are cool in some quasi-homo-erotic, vampire, crow, Brandon Lee way. I’m sure they don’t give a damn or think twice about the poor SOB who actually has to risk his life to put out the fire they started.

      It never ceases to amaze me that this actually happens. First off, we should rename it A-HOLE night because any person who thinks setting fire to property is “cool” is obviously a big, flaming A-HOLE. Maybe if they owned anything or contributed in some positive way to society they would actually show some shred of decency. As if the economy and demise of the auto industry hasn’t kicked Detroit’s ass enough, let’s burn the place to the ground…A-HOLES!

      Ironically, the good people of Detroit or not fleeing the state in droves. Those people decided NOT to be pushed around.

      Thank you Mayor Bing- I don’t know what kind of politician he is, or what is politics are and I don’t care, the guys got some “Stones” (that’s balls for those of you scratching your heads).

      Vowing a swift crackdown on those causing trouble, Mayor Dave Bing and his administration today promoted the annual Angels’ Night campaign to snuff out arson and other mischief that has plagued the troubled city during the Halloween season.This year’s theme, “Watch Your Block,” has put an emphasis on residents stepping up and protecting vacant homes and buildings that could become fire traps. The campaign officially runs from Oct. 29 through Oct. 31.

      “There are three days at the end of this month that we’ve got to protect this city,” said Bing at a news conference packed with residents, city officials and others in front of a home in the city’s north section. “Those that live in this community, you’re the ones that will make this very, very successful.”

      Take a quick Quiz Are you a Halloween Loser?

      1. Do you think vandalism is cool?

      2. Do you think arson is cool?

      3. Do you think assault is cool?

      If you answered YES to any of those questions…Congratulations, you’re a Loser, now line up for your beating.

      God forbid Detroit wins another NBA championship. Because nothing shows team spirit like flipping a car over, looting and rioting: GO TEAM!

      The cops can’t be everywhere, it is up to YOU to protect your stuff, and if you can’t prepare to pay the price. There are two types of people in this world: those who acquire targets and those who are targets being acquired and given the amount of foreclosures this year, the authorities are fearful. So its up to you to protect whats yours!

      If you are not training in the SDTS you are a target being acquired. If you are tired of people who have no respect for your rights, life or property then NOW is the time to do something about it.

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      How do I celebrate “Devil’s Night? Butt gingerly putting my size 11 Red-wing steel toe in the backside of anyone who threatens my life, family and friends.

      In life you’re either the HAMMER or the NAIL Go HERE NOW: http//:www.theselfdefenseco.com and start being the HAMMER for FREE.

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      Well spoken, Damien.

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