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      salvatore Andaloro

      Hi Damian, what is the difference in using the hammer fist or dge of the hand? if you limit the damage to the fingers with the hammer fist? Thank you

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      The hammer fist is a bit more solid than the edge of hand. Both strikes are essentially the same however one the hand is open and the other closed. Prrsonally i believe it depends on personal preference for its use in self defense. In training these strikes you know which one is more comfortable for you and when the time comes, under stress, your going to do which one you prefer anyway without even realizing your doing it. That’s why Damian speaks of training until it is compulsive and instinctual. So train both figure out which one is for you, there is no right or wrong when it comes down to saving your life.

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      Well put Archie.

      If we want to be really technical about it, the main difference is surface area. Edge of hand is to knife as Hammer fist is to, well…hammer.

      The more force you put into a smaller area, the deeper the penetration. The EOH tends to get into places a little better than the hammer fist – like the throat, neck and between the legs.

      There is no doubt that there is risk of damaging the fingers – but be advised, when used in the edge of hand the pinkie and ring finger will move and not take the direct force of the blow making them more likely to dislocate than break. Plus even if they are damaged, you can still grip a weapon with the remaining three fingers. contrary would happen if you struck with a fore fist where the first two knuckles on the finger will break.

      Train them both. Personally I have hit a TON of “things” and haven’t had a problem. But I’ve also trained a great deal of people who preferred the hammer fist in the beginning and either stayed with it, or switched over to the edge of hand after they were conditioned.

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      salvatore Andaloro

      thanks for the comprehensive answers….Kiss

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