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      Hey Fella’s,

      I have two questions probably more for Damian, or anyone in the know.

      1) The Hand Conditioning Brick, what kind of Carpenters or Sanding Sponge do I need, there are so many different Grits to them and firmness, is one better over the other? and does the size of the Sponge have to fit the brick exactly? For the Belt Sander Paper, is 120 to fine, or just right? For the Sponge is Firmer or softer better?

      2) It’s recommend to have a 40 lbs. Heavy Bag for ground work and I believe Kicks. Why 40 lbs? Just curious?

      Thanks in advance guys!


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      Hey mi amgio pedrito lol.

      Doesn’t matter what kinda sponge ya get, make it a carpenters and it doesn’t have to fit the brick, nothing would happen if it didn’t but it’s better that it does fit, overall. As for the 40 lbs. no, you don’t HAVE to get a 40 pounder, but to start out on, whynot? Once ya get better, bump it up a notch. Or just be like me and get a BOB. BOB’s cool!

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      Got ya brother, Thanks man, I built it yesterday. Here is an album, Love the hell out of it lol!!

      https://s88.photobucket.com/albums/k178/ … ombatives/

      Every time I walk by it I do 20 Axe-hands, 20 Palm Strikes, 20 Hammer Fist, on each hand, every time I go by it no exceptions. I have a Spar-Pro, thank god I never got rid of it!!!

      Thanks again bro!

      Pedro Morales

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      Very nice there. Nice how ya do that in your parking lot, do your neighbors see you! For some reason I had you pictured as fairly tanned man with combed back gelled hair and a more narrower face lol. But look’s like you got it all figured out there. Axe hands and fist blows are a primary of mine though. Im just a fan of the fist

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZysC-1D5 … re=related

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      It’s in my Driveway, people always look at me like I’m nuts, I flip my Tractor Tire, Lift Keg’s, Sandbags, Kettlebell’s, drag sleds, so they think I’m gone anyway lol.

      lmao, I told you I”m not a wet back lol, and the only accent I have is a N.Y. one. You must stop watching Cops & Cheesy Chuck Norris films lol. I’m definitely one of the whitest Spics on the Planet, what ya going to do right lol???

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