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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone- “Why you can’t always walk away from a bar fight?”

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      Young Wang
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      [Young Wang] great post. I’ve worked in bars all of my adult life and I’ve seen some pretty bad fights, most of which happened after someone thought it was over. Then… Bam… Beer bottles start flying. My thoughts now after training SDTS is to attempt to not let them get close I try not to get crowded into a corner and if I’m in the DJ booth I’m always watching and looking around, watching the people and the exits. Just an example Mardi Gras 2002 I was djing at our local club and the police had already been called a few times to break up fights. The last call was the one the broke the straw, it was a brawl the whole bar got into it. I was stuck in the DJ booth when the sheriffs kicked in the door and knocked off some tear gas. Needless to say I got stuck and had to suffer for 20 mins bc I could not get out of the booth. Needless to say since that night I always watch for exits and never assume a fight is over until I know 100% that I safe.

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      In 1989 a friend of my older brother Jeff Creamer was in a bar in Boston. The story goes he go into it with an ex-con who was out early because the the famous Dukakis furlough program.

      Anyway he has a beef with a guy over what, who the hell knows, but in the bar they “shook hands” and walked away. Later that night when Jeff left the bar he was stabbed to death in the parking lot.

      After that, it’s never over until you’re out of the area and safe.

      There’s a small mention of it in his dad’s obit (2nd paragraph, last line) https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/northjersey/obituary.aspx?pid=156783326. It just says he was predeceased.

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      Wow, just goes to show being a little paranoid and watching over your shoulder can help you stay out of these situations. [Damian Ross] sorry to hear about that happening. Lessons learned the hard way.

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      Yeah, unfortunately it happens all of the time. some people just need to be put down.

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