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      Global warming a hoax, Tiger Woods a philanderer…..WHO CARES?!?!?!

      There’s a saying, “Don’t sweat the big stuff”. (Not that Tiger getting a piece of strange is a BIG THING). There is only so much you can control and its only limited to your actions.

      The economy, global warming an whatever else is out there in the news is beyond your control, so forget about it. The majority of your news is what you see at work, friends and family. It’s the little, everyday BS you do that gives you your most impact on the big picture.

      Worried about the economy, don’t waste crap from food to fuel. Want to make a better world? Concentrate on your kids and the people around you.

      The global topics for the most part are a distraction generated to create buzz, get viewers and site visits to sell advertising!!!!!!

      The news is delivering a entertainment to its market. The truth is a nice coincidence. Once the story gets past the segment producers and the talent it’s been shaped and spun until it is skewed to increase ratings.

      So at the end of the day, the ice caps aren’t melting, the economy is recovering, we’re sending more troops to Afghanistan (troops withdraw by 2011, sure- I have a bridge to sell you. This is only going to mean one thing is US troops are out- private contractors are going to make a lot of $$$$).
      In 2012 we’ll still be here, kicking ass and taking names.

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      Ha, couldn’t agree with you more. Propaganda for thousands of years has been the basis of BS in all cultures. 2012 will be just another new year. The Aztecs couldn’t even predict the downfall of their own civilization..let alone the end of the world. So Mayan calenders stopped on the same year Nostradamus’s did. So what. What a coincidience..me and a million other people also agree with Damian!

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      December 20th, 2012 the planets will align and the world will end. Well, they are right about one thing, on December 20 the planets will align…which happens on EVERY December 20th.

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      2012, Awesome! The is no end in an infinite universe. There are massive changes gonna occur, but no end.
      Christian Vikings are so stoked about all this! We are all so blessed to be alive in the most interesting time in human history!
      The attitude we rock with is the same as my ancestors who heard that the world was flat, and all the water poured off the edge. What did they say? Fuck yeah!!! Lets go find out!
      I know enough to say I know nothing. What I can tell you is that the most important thing in the universe is Love. I’m so glad to be on this ride with you dudes.
      Here in South Africa, stuff is getting very messed up. Just google “genocide in south africa” and you will see. 90 murders a day. Bring.
      Y’all got a muslim president! my stuff, thought USA was a Christian nation?
      I will stay here thanks! Machete’s and ak-47’s wielded by savage heathens! Viking dream come true! Y’all would love it here.
      Knowledge is power, seek and ye shall find.

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      Great post Damian, I think more and more people are starting to realize that the news and what we are being (sold), I mean told is just propanganda to further the interests of the few.

      The problem is that more people are becoming cynical and don’t know what to believe or don’t believe in anything.
      It’s important to keep believing that we can make a positive change, but like you said, that change comes from the small stuff in our immediate lives.

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      Well Gunther, it looks like you’ll get to use your skills on a daily basis, you’ll be one badass not to mess with!

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