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      Hi, I am Claudia from Sweden and I am happy to be part of this forum. As of this moment I am not training due to a knee injury and won’t be training until at least January 2014 but I wanted to be part of this project from the get go, cheers all.

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      Welcome Claudia.

      Great to have you here. If you ever have any questions or need anything at all please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.


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      Hi Claudia, we are glad to have you. As George said let us know if you have questions we are always happy to help. 

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      Thanks for coming on board and I have to ask you something…are you REALLY serious about self defense?

      I’m going to assume you are because you’re here and I’m going to say something which is the foundation of what we do.

      If you can leave your house you better be able to defend yourself.

      Being injured makes you more of a target – in fact, being an injured female makes you even more attractive to predators.

      The time is NOW where you need to be training and understanding what you can and can’t do.

      The SDTS is designed to help you from the cradle to the grave. Modules 5 and 9 are specifically useful for someone in your condition.

      The idea of having to be healthy to train is something that has been ingrained in you because of martial arts and fitness. The SDTS is not that.

      As mentioned in the 8 criteria of self defense, you need to be able to protect yourself when you’re injured, older or appear to be weak.

      The time to start preparing is now. Your enemy will not wait for you to feel better :wink:

      Again, I say this to prepare and inspire you.

      Heck, even if you sat with your leg up and hit your brick (module 1) it would do wonders.

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      I agree 100% with Damian. A truly effective Self defense system is one that you can use when sick, older, injured etc. The SDTS was built to meet this criteria. Do as Damian suggests and start your training. We are here to support you every step of the way.

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      No I agree I can do things with my upper body but right now from below the waist I am kind of stuck I have blown out both my knees with a double full Patellar tendon rupture. So training of any real meaning is out, right now, I can barely stand. But as soon as I can I will be right back at it, thanks for your support guys.

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      I don;t know what the laws are in Sweden regarding pepper spray, I think it’s illegal if I remember correctly.

      But you can still use:

      Bug Spray or any other irritant that comes in a small spray can.
      Personal Alarms
      Edged weapons (that can be hidden anywhere in a wheel chair)

      Check out Modules 5 and 9.

      Oh and work on your grip (Module 6) so you can hold onto that weapon.

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      Again great advise by Damian. Always beneficial to carry some kind of aerosol deterrent.

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      Hi Claudia, As Damian said working on your grip is a good idea for your situation. Here is an exercise I use. Take a washcloth fold it in half; tightly roll it up to form a stick like shape. Now grip it as if you were holding a stick with about 1 inch of the rolled cloth being above the level of your thumb. As you squeeze the roll you will notice that most of your grip will be with your little finger, ring finger and middle finger. In a natural grip your index finger has very little power compared to the rest. By using the rolled up washcloth this will allow you to better exercise your index finger. As you squeeze the roll you will see what I mean.
      When you squeeze the roll, squeeze digging your fingertips deep into the roll, this is where you can best exercise your index finger, well, all of them actually. Squeeze the roll 25 times with your right hand then 25 with your left make sure to really dig those fingers in especially the index finger. Now for the part of the roll sticking out of your hand above the thumb, while squeezing the roll tightly with your fingers press the tip of your thumb into the end of the roll do this 25 times with your left then 25 times with your right. Make sure to use the tip of your thumb not the flat, press down like you are trying to stick the end of your thumb nail in the roll. Why? If you grabbed someone by the throat you would want to dig in with the tips of your fingers and thumb, that will be a much deeper and brutal grip. The fingers do this naturally but the thumb doesn’t, especially, if you make the squeeze as part of the hand yolk strike.
      Just so you can feel what I mean gently grab your throat like you would be delivering a hand yolk strike. Now gently squeeze you will feel the fingertips start to roll and dig in, but the thumb doesn’t, you need bend your thumb slightly to get the tip to dig in. Why is it important to dig deep into the throat with the tips of your fingers and thumb? If you don’t have the tip of the thumb deep in the grip it is easy to escape, simply turn your head towards the thumb and you’ll turn out of the grip. Now give it a try. Gently grab your throat with the hand yolk squeeze gently like you are trying to choke yourself, now turn your head toward your thumb and you will feel the grip slip. Try it again with your finger and thumb tips and you will feel the thumb go deeper and more pressure on your throat if you turn your head either direction.
      Practice this grip thousands of times until it becomes your natural grip. Also when practicing the hand yolk, practice finishing with this grip. Should you ever have to use this grip you will be able to crush a windpipe. As an attribute take the opposite hand and dig your thumb into the attacker’s eye from the bridge of the nose outward. And don’t forget while you are pushing the attacker back to squeeze with everything you have and kick their shins and stomp their feet. I like the three in one’s, kick into their shin scrape down their shin with the side of your foot ending with a stomp on the top of their foot, in one fluid motion. Now back to the exercise, each week roll another washcloth over the other so it gets fatter. By week four the roll will be about the same size as a person’s throat stop at that size and squeeze away. By making the roll fatter each week this will strengthen your grip. If you have any questions feel free to give me a shout. Happy Training

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      Hi Claudia, welcom to the party. I can understand that your injured however at the very least watch and study the videos and as Damian stated hit a brick. Personally I know that visually learning the system before actually hitting a bag can be helpful, a you watch the videos visualize the movements. If you focus enough you might even feel your muscles twitch from visualizing it. And once you are able to hit the pads you pretty much already know the movements and drills and it will help cement those into your muscle memory.

      However I do have to agree with Damian, when you are injured you have a better chance at becoming a victim.

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      I hope you get to feeling better, long ago I was out for over 6 months with a knee injury in my 20’s….

      Anyway, I think you made the right decision to take the course right now. You can at least start learning
      via the printed word and video and really get a good feel for everything before you start training hard,,,,

      I wish you a speedy recovery.

      God Bless..


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