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      hi all newbie here looking to make friends and interact to others.

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      Welcome to the crew. The best thing you can do is introduce yourself, for example, what brought you to the SDTS and any experience in defensive tactic training you may or may not have. You could also include some of your short term and long term training goals.

      Starting off with “I’d like to make friends and meet new people” as innocent as it sounds can be interpreted as creepy, considering the fact you’re actually not meeting anyone face to face unless you come to live training.

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      well basically my experience for self defense doesn’t involved with weapons I also learned to practice arnis. Sometimes presence of mind can get you out of trouble.

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      What are you looking for in regards to self defense?

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      looking forward to learn some new stuffs and techniques regarding self defense. On how to act on situations that are risky. And also looking forward to hear from others.

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      OK. Which module of the SDTS are you one?

      If not, you can see what I’m talking about here:

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