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      In Self Defense and Close Combat we focus on dealing with violence. While most people will probably go through life without incident, there is still the real possibility of walking down the wrong street or into the wrong parking lot.

      More probable than dealing with violent attack, is the non-violent crime. I recently attended a Crime Prevention Seminar that was given by our local Police here in Saddle River. This was a response to a rash of paranoia that was perpetuated through email. Rumors of teams of criminals some Russian mafia, some junkies posing as handymen and landscapers distracting the residents while their homes were ransacked buzzed through the town. In reality the next town over had 2 incidences. One house was burglarized, another had a window kicked in and the alarm scared him off.

      The locals PD took the initiative and held a power point presentation at my daughter’s school. This was given by Detective Garrety and it had some good information. Some even I didn’t expect. Hey, I don’t know everything and this is my lively hood- the day I stop learning is the day I’m in the box.

      Remember, we’re talking about your prototypical house burglary NOT a robbery. A robbery involves a weapon and the person willing to commit robbery has a tendency towards violence. The typical burglar prefers not to have any contact at all. Most times, they won’t have a weapon since the charges are more severe. They chose houses that look vacant, look for a way to enter undetected and take their opportunity.

      Most will travel on foot to the location. Since the houses are spread a part in our town and the cops tend to write tickets. A bugler will get dropped of in an area, work it and then get picked up a mile or two away. They’ll wait in the woods for the car to home by, flash its lights, they’ll hop in and go.

      What do they do and where to the go?
      As soon as they break in the house through a back window or basement window. The look for concealed areas but they will even kick the front door in. A few years ago, these crews would kick the front door in (alarm or no alarm) make a mad dash to the master bedroom and the dining room and go to work. They have 4 minutes to get the job done and they know where you keep your good stuff.

      What do they take?
      Personal Papers, passports, bank statements, financial and confidential information
      Fur Coats
      Coin and Card Collections

      When do they strike?
      Any day of the week. Even though the time varies there seems to be a tendency towards the late afternoon, early evening. This time of year in the North east US, it gets dark now and people are either shopping or still at work.

      Who are they. This is what I thought was interesting. First, they are organized some may be connected to crime families, some not- but most times they are in teams, a couple of men on the ground and a driver. The last team to work the area and get pinched were not Russian ex-KBG or gang-bangers, but a couple of elderly white men ages 60 and 62!!! Affectionately called the “OVER THE HILL GANG”. We have even had the “JAMES BOND GANG” who rigged their cars with license plates that flip and left oil slicks!!

      This is how they make their living: Work and area, break in and try to steal the most stuff they can in the shortest time possible. Doing their best not to get caught or identified. Most of them will try to run if you walk in on them, but you never know for sure. But understand the prototypical house burglar does not want violence added to their profile. It means more jail time.

      Just like we teach people in 10 Lesson Self Defense, prevention and becoming a Tough Target or Target Hardening is your best bet. If you look like you either don’t have something they want or appear to look like your going to make their job tougher- they will pick someone else. You can do the same for your home.

      1. Alarm on, even if you’re just running to the store
      2. Communication. Call the police if you see suspicious vehicles or something out of the ordinary. ITS NOT A BOTHER to the local PD. It’s what they do.The police can’t be everywhere. It takes a community to protect it.
      3. Provide clear border definition. Let people know the are coming into YOUR YARD. Shrubs, signs, fences and other landscaping define your territory. People will know they are clearly trespassing.
      4. Locks.Lock your house, garage and cars. A lot of times these items are left open. People even leave their keys in their cars!!!
      5. Lighting. Motion sensors and outside lighting is cheap and easy to install. Well lit yards, hallways and drive ways will deter most criminals.

      Clearly defining your area and doing even the minimum will challenge most criminals how don’t want to be challenged.

      Like self defense, crime prevention comes by changing you environment or how the world sees you first. For your average person, this is all you need. Once you know what to do and how to do it, you just need to make some adjustments in your life NOT to your life.

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