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Honor is Not a Tactic

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      Martial artists and citizens often confuse honor with tactics. Many times in the martial arts world we try to translate a sense of honor into combat. While there may be a time when enough is enough and survival turns to sadism. The truth remains that once your decision is made, your greatest chance of survival is to show no quarter to your end means.

      Honor is a way you conduct your life. A code by which you live. Being trust worthy and showing mutual respect for others through out every aspect of your life. In sport, playing with in the rules agreed upon and trying your hardest with in the rules develop character that pours over into your every day life. Most times, even the nastiest competitor will hug his or her opponent after the contest.

      Tactics are about what needs to be done to get a particular task accomplished. It also infers that you accomplish your task as fast as possible by using what ever means necessary. Pausing to “take the high road” will take more time and that translates into opportunity. Lost opportunity for you, found opportunity for your enemy.

      This is just the way it is. Live your life honorably, protect your life tactically.

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