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      Georgios T

      @damian Hi Damian and thanks for the inspiration and all the great material.

      I’m new here and have a question relating to defense / blocking.

      I understand that the main idea is to establish distance and attack first while your opponent is shifting his weight (moving towards you).

      However, sometimes, either due to the environment (very close distance) or because of legal reasons (you want someone attack you first so your response is considered justifiable) there is a need to block an attack by defending somehow.

      So my question is: what is some good way to block an attack before you counter attack (e.g. cover for blocking punches)? I understand that action is faster than reaction, but still: Is there a technique for this in place in SDTS? Is it covered somewhere in the videos that I may have missed it?

      Many thanks

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      George, thanks for posting…

      Quick question – would you let me have the first attack?

      Even though we never met personally, there is NO WAY I would let you have the first shot.

      You never know who you’re facing so please, erase that “let them throw the first punch” mentality.

      It’s too late.

      Action is faster than reaction and no matter how many times it works in karate class and sparring – in self defense, you still have the question of “IS HE GOING TO ATTACK ME OR NOT?” In sparring you already know this…and did you notice that even in sparring your blocks are limited to a few parry’s and covers? I never threw a high, low or middle block other than in forms and choreographed self defense.

      You will not have time to block and react – so DELETE IT.

      That being said your “block” is your attack.

      Look at the edge of hand.

      Chin down, elbow up, take ground. Your cover is built in.

      If you chose to side step – your block is built in.

      Just keep your chin down and take ground and attack.

      When HE attacks – his attack as a specific target…an “X” marks the spot so to speak. As soon as you move the X his attack becomes less effective.

      But that’s not all.

      You’re assuming ONE ATTACK. But I assume that he wants to do to me what I want to do to him…OR WORSE so you must plan for a barrage of attacks. This you can’t black no matter what Jason Statham does :).

      YOU ARE JUSTIFIED when your attacker has intent and ability. Proving intent is simple.

      You establish distance and tell him “I don’t want to fight, stay there we can talk.”

      As soon as he moves…BOOM goes the dynamite.

      This isn’t the school yard….

      Besides even if you let him throw the first punch and you beat hime blind, you’re still going to have to pay the same lawyer to defend you.

      Add to that you will be having your hands up in a defensive manner and immediately call 9-1-1 complaining of chest pains and you will have a good defense.

      Your day in court will be months after the incident and it’s all about what you can prove NOT THE TRUTH.

      Witnesses and police reports will what your case is built on.

      “I was in fear for my life. I backed up. Put my hands up and told him I didn’t want to fight and to stay back, that’s when he attacked me.”

      To review –
      Traditional blocks don’t work
      Your protection is built into your attack
      The “first punch” is actually his first step towards you
      You build your defense by training to:
      Back up to establish distance (if possible, if not look at Module 4)
      Tell them you don’t want to fight
      Call 9-1-1 saying “I was attacked and I’m having chest pains”
      **Note you’re going to have to tell them where you are since they can’t trace calls without a second dispatcher on the line – it’s not like the movies.

      Also – once you stop the threat – ESCAPE THE SCENE to a safe place.
      Don’t stomp the life out of him…you’ll definitely have some legal issues then.

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      Great answer and after the confortation your chest probably will be hurting from the adrenaline! Just hope it ain’t your head from trying to block his attack.

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      Chin down, elbow up, take ground. When they bounce their knuckles off the front of your head it’s not going to feel nice. :)

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      Yep just what Damian said. Your edge of hand strike is your block. Even. Just playing around with my son in slap boxing I’ll toss a eoh to his forearm just to let him know I’m there and he immediately pulls back and says ouch. If you’ve looked into other self defense progs you’ll see one instructor using an “outside 90” block, this really is just a double edge of hand “block” strike to the arm or shoulder area to hit the attacker and the negate the punch. Both methods definitely work if your quick enough.

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      Georgios T

      Thank you all so much for your replies.

      I’m very glad to see that my question generated a very interested discussion.

      That’s exactly what I was thinking the other day. The “outside 90” block that Blauer advocates resembles the edge of hand in some way.

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