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How Often Should You "Condition" You Body?

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      When we talk about body condition we are talking about hardening your body’s natural weapons for contact in it’s natural state: no gloves, no wraps just they way God intended.

      If you’re training regularly or using the SDTS, you are already doing this from day one. But module 6 shows you how to develop incredible power.

      So how often, only once or twice a week. This will allow you to recover and avoid injury. Even if your gradually building your tolerance, you still should not do it more than twice a week.

      when you reach a point where you can hit your training brick or training dummy at 100%, all you need is to occasionally condition for a few weeks every few months.

      Like all training, it goes in cycles. Just be patient. don’t fall for the “training lie” of going all out, every session you train. It just doesn’t work like that.


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