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How to avoid using excessive force?

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      Can I learn tactical take downs and how to avoid using excessive force?

      Nick Alvarez

      First you answer your question directly, you stop using force when the threat is gone.

      We cover takedowns in SDTS Module 10, Guardian and Protector. We also cover arrest and restraining.

      But I want to talk a little bit about “excessive force”.

      The notion is bullshit and what you’ve been lead to believe about it is bullshit.

      Martial artists and defensive tactics instructors in academies ram this idea into students and recruits heads and they are DEAD WRONG.

      If Rodney King and George Zimmerman taught us anything its that you’re going to have to go a LONG WAY to get an excessive force charge to stick. The LA PD cops walked and Zimmerman was acquitted.

      The good news is that if you’re threatened you can defend yourself. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE should EVER put their hands on you.

      At the end of the day you need to use COMMON SENSE. If he’s unconscious, stop beating him.

      If someone threatens you and you knock them out cold – it’s not excessive force. Even if you do it with a baton.

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