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How To Prevent Being Taken Down?

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      My question arises from another thread but I feel it deserves focus on it’s own.
      So what is the best way to prevent being taken down, thrown or taken off balance by a bigger stronger opponent.
      As this is a strong possibiltiy when confronted by someone bigger.
      I know that beating them to the punch, taking them off balance and keeping them there, through forward momentum, constant motion and not letting up is the answer, but what happens when the opponent gets the drop on you or you lose your balance, what are your options for regaining control?
      The first idea that comes to mind is circling as opposed to moving backwards in a straight line, this will give you an opporunity to evade and counter. and not further lose your balance and get taken over.
      What other tactics are there?

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      So let’s assume someone larger and stronger gets their hands on you.
      You are going to have to do all you can to keep your balance and stay on your feet.

      If you can move in any direction, they don’t have control of you. So planing to circle, or even move forward won’t work.

      Answer: Module 10. In the clinch you use, hooks, tears, bites, chops and even some shin kicks when you can. Kicking is the least likely because like I said, you’re trying to stay on your feet.

      You mist train to use anything that gives you the tactical advantage. The question suggest that since he’s grappling you’re thinking about grappling. Just work to stay on your feet.

      Now if you can’t do any of the dirty nasty tricks from module 10 (not including weapons from module 9). You will be on the ground and then its all about Module 3.

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      I have always found that when a big guy is grabbing you and your off balance, the last thing to do is fight at his own game by overpowering him.I took a deep breath for energy,spat in his face,bit,stamped his foot and wriggled so much that as soon as his hand come loose I battered his eyes and neck till he dropped.I always think of how difficult it is to hold my son who wriggles unexpectedly unless I secure him when dressing him.I use that analogy if figting a larger guy.
      :) I hope that helps.

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