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How to Use Craig

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      You can’t be sure. The free and open exchange of well meaning people has allowed the social misfits and predators access to well meaning people just trying to get rid of some of that clutter.

      This time of year, spring cleaning has increased the volume on well meaning (ill fated) Craigslist.

      How can you tell the difference between a legitimate buyer or evil doer?

      Then what happens when something goes wrong with your sale of the $30 lawn mower? Next thing you know you have some nut job with your home address contacting you every time the cock you sold him runs fast?

      In a nutshell, its extremely difficult, but you can do a few things to insulate yourself from the dangers of unloading the stuff you haven’t looked at in years.

      First, use a spam address. Set up an email account on hotmail, yahoo or google. This will allow you to operate freely over the net with limited exposure.

      Next filter the freaks. Create your ad and put in “all sales are final” or “as is” condition will eliminate some of the BS. What you don’t want is someone starting mechanical work in your driveway. Put plenty of pictures and be honest. If the snow blower has a problem or hasn’t run in years, say it, but reflect it in the price. Don’t expect to get top dollar for a DVD player that has sat in you closet since 1998.

      Set up the meet. Say, “I have the item stored at my friend’s house. We should be OK for pick up during a definite time.” Tell them you can meet them there. Don’t use terms like “anytime is fine.” This suggests that you do live there. If you are selling mice stuff, they may want to take a look at what else you have in your garage. Have the item out and ready to go. Don’t take them into the house or garage unless you are willing to lose some more valuable possessions.

      Commonsense dictates you should not be alone or with children. Have another adult and leave the kids inside. The more people the less they will want to harm you.

      Don’t let them in your home. If its your friend’s house just say it’s not my home. People will be creative, but if they have to use the bathroom, direct them to the nearest restaurant. This should speed the transaction up a bit.

      Hold your ground and ignore persistent requests. Any suspicious activity call the police. If several people show up to pick up a toaster…you may want to keep the phone handy.

      From the other end, if an offer is too good to be true, don’t go alone, tell people who, what, where and why. Keep your cell phone handy and have someone on stand-by.

      Remember, any excuse to get you alone for any reason. items skewed towards women or women selling product are targets. Be paranoid and move forward with caution.

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