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      We are in the process of putting more and more information on the site, but the free resource sit is now open.

      Besides articles and videos (which are updated weekly). You are going to find a TON of manuals and books on everything from CIA Dirty Tricks to the Al Quaeda handbook. It has been a blast putting this together.

      One of the other reasons for it was to give away the public domain material that is being sold on other martial arts and self defense sites. I have nothing against the competition when they have original material (no matter how lame). What REALLY burns me is charging top dollar for something you should have for free.

      The revolution is NOW!!! OK, maybe a bit dramatic, but you can get your free stuff here: https:///

      Don’t forget to book mark and check weekly as we are uploading content almost every day.

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      These resources are great! Checked out the new blogs and stuff, too. TONS of information.

      Thanks very much for supplying all this in one handy place.


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      It’s no problem. we have so much information and get more and more each week, this gives us a place to catalog it and display. Plus, if it generates more traffic to the the SDC sites…it’s not an accident :wink:” title=”Wink” />


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