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      They asked the questions, I answered them. This weekend we shot our segment for Penn and Teller’s Bullshit and here is how it went…

      If you have ever seen the show (1.5 million people watch it). Penn and Teller world famous magicians and showmen have a show called Bullshit. Where each episode they take a topic and basically rip it apart. The show we’re on is on MARTIAL ARTS.

      We are going to be on with a Tai Chi instructor, and a DEATH TOUCH instructor. While we know when it comes to reality self defense, these are pretty much bullshit, where do you think that puts the Self Defense Training System, the most lethal self defense system on the planet!


      Well, of course they contacted me to expose me as BULLSHIT! Thinking “Who the Hell is this guy claiming to have the most LETHAL self defense system in the world and why is this guy teaching people to essentially kill?”

      Well like I said, I am not bullshitting, and they asked me the following questions and gave the following answers. Whether they put the outtakes in or the final answers, it will be for entertainment sake. But as they say, any publicity is good publicity and I stand by what I say.

      The following are the interview Q and A for the show:

      Q: How long did you study martial arts?
      A: I have over 30 years training in Jujutsu, Wrestling, Judo, Tae Kwon Do and Military Combatives

      Q: What type of black belts do you have?
      4th degree black belt in Tekkenryu jujutsu and Military Combatives, 2nd degree black belt in Judo, 2nd Degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and collegiate wrestling.

      Q: Do your martial arts belts mean anything to you?
      A: Yes of course they do. My rankings are full of memories of successes and failures, my relationships and my training.


      Q: Why did you start the Self Defense Company?
      A: Because there’s a lot of bullshit in our industry and it’s hard for the general public to find an honest and reliable source for training that isn’t driven by mystical forces and bullshit secrets.

      Q: What do you teach people?
      A: We teach people the most effective, gross motor techniques combined with combat proven strategies to maximize your survivability when faced with a determined capable attacker.

      Q: How much does it cost for your self defense DVD’s?
      A: As little as $20 for an intro course and as much as $500 for the entire Self Defense Training System, but we even let you try that for free so you can decide for yourself.

      Q: Your website states that people who buy your DVD’s will be feared. Why is that?
      A: Buying DVDs is the first step, but you actually have to train. If you train in the system you will learn the most effective self defense techniques and strategies on the planet. We specifically use the term “you will be feared” for empowerment and development of the right attitude. At the end of the day, some people see the quality of the training through the hype, others need the hype to see the quality of the training. The most important point is that everyone gets the training that gives them a realistic understanding of how quickly things can escalate in violence.


      Q: Why do you consider your self defense system to be the most lethal in the world?
      A: The Self Defense Training System is the most lethal in the world because of the honesty in training. Our training members know they will get hit, stabbed, shot, beat and bludgeoned in an attack and are trained to anticipate that. It is a fantasy to think you are getting out of a violent encounter with a determined assailant without a scratch on you. This honesty and prepare for the worst, hope for the best mindset gives our members and accurate scenario of real world assaults. It also removes the idea that there is glory in fighting.
      So the system is the most lethal because it’s the most accurate therefor the most effective depiction of what the training is designed to confront, a life and death struggle.

      Q:What does your program consist of?
      A:We take all the most effective techniques from martial arts, eliminate the sport and ceremony until the most combat effective remain and combined them with proven self defense and combat tactics. It is exactly what you need to maximize your survivability.

      Q:What is the difference between what you teach, martial arts and fighting arts?
      A:Martial arts is a cultural and spiritual exploration base on Combat culture of a specific time period. Fighting arts or combat sports like MMA, Wrestling, Judo and Boxing are competitions governed by rules while self defense has no rules and with that you must make the following assumptions: you’re attacker is armed, has friends, is larger than you and has intent. You may be in a variety of environments: snow, ice, sand, pavement and you will be distracted, older or injured.

      Q: How do you teach people to kill?
      A: Usually with kindness. If that doesn’t work, techniques that cause blunt force trauma, asphyxiation and loss of blood. These are the only three ways people die violently.

      Q: What is the problem with martial arts for self defense?
      A: The biggest problem is that martial arts is not self defense Martial arts is based on rules of conduct, etiquette and fair play. While these are ways to live your life, they have no place in the street where you must end the confrontation by any means as fast as possible.


      Q: Why is your program so much better than martial arts alone?
      A: The Self Defense Training System is better for people looking for blunt answers for real life situations and it’s not for someone who is looking for a spiritual journey or some other hoarse shit.

      Q: What are the most important techniques you teach your students?
      A: Techniques that attack target rich areas like the neck and head. Techniques designed to cause maximum damage to the target and minimum injury to yourself as fast as possible.

      Q: Can you explain how you teach students to cause maximum injury to their target with minimal injury to themselves?
      A: By understanding the vulnerable parts of the human anatomy and exploiting those areas by attacking with the bodies natural weapons. We show them how to condition the body to be tolerant and train them to expect the worst, people can walk through pepper spray or pull taser wires out. Our members plan for the worst and hope for the best.

      Q: How many students told you about using your techniques to fight off an attacker?
      A: Over the years, many, but no “Lifetime channel moments” it’s always I though someone was following me or I hit him and ran or I hit him and knocked him cold. I have one testimonial that was verified so I put it on the website of a student in Kabul, Afghanistan fighting off two attackers in his cab. Pretty cool stuff.


      Q: Why do you teach people to kill?
      A: I don’t teach people to kill, I teach them to survive. A big part of survival is attitude and the will to live. I’m not gong to bullshit anyone and tell them that they are going to easily dismiss a determined assailant. We use words like that to prepare them with a “Do whatever it takes” attitude. Because in order to survive they must get real nasty, real fast. Before some scumbag does it to them.

      Q: How many hours does it take for someone to learn how to be lethal?
      A: I can show you in minutes, the rest depends on your natural skill level combined with your will to pull the trigger. Just like firearms, it’s really simple and after all is said and done it’s your will combined with the right skill that wins the day.

      Q: What should someone do if they sense an attacker is approaching?
      A: Always escape. If escape is not an option you must attack and be as ruthless as possible.

      Q: What are some of the most lethal maneuvers you teach people? What are the most vulnerable spots to hit someone?
      A: The head, neck, eyes, throat and genitals are prime target areas.

      Q: If your student kills and attacker or perceived attacker using your techniques, how would you feel?
      A: If your daughter killed someone who was trying to kill or rape her how would you feel? I would feel pretty damn good. That would be mission accomplished.

      Q: Have you ever used your self defense techniques.
      A: Yes. In security and protection work as well as in my personal life I have defended myself with in the law.

      Q: What’s wrong with other martial arts and self defense classes?
      A: I can’t speak on every martial arts class, but it’s been my experience that they try to adapt sporting and cultural sparring and mindset to self defense situations where those types of tactics do not belong.

      Q: Critics claim that self defense classes get students killed or thrown in prison, please comment.
      A: That’s complete and total bullshit. You have the right to defend yourself within the law. Whether you defend yourself or not is your personal choice, not some lazy ass critic. I suppose the other option is allow them to rape you.


      Q: Critics claim that self defense classes pander to middle class fantasies of what violence is?
      A: I don’t know what critics claim and I don’t give a shit. I suppose the lower and upper classes DON’T have fantasies of violence. I don’t know about other course, but we make it lcear to our members that this is not something to be taken lightly and you must train to increase your chances of survival. You must start thinking about the unthinkable NOW!

      Q: Ever killed someone using your techniques?
      A: That’s a dumb ass middle school question, next please.

      Q: In martial arts, CHI is the univeral energy. Do you believe in CHI?
      A: No….listen, we could get into a metphysical conversation about the soul, but that’s not what these guys are claiming. At the end of the day, CHI can be explained as a combination of adrenalin and training. Think about it, if there was anything to CHI, don’t you think professional sports would tap into that?

      Q: Do you believe that your website implies that if someone doesn’t buy you DVD’s thy will get injured or killed in an attack?
      A: No there is not some crime ring that assaults people who don’t buy our DVD,s!!! Listen, buying the DVD’s doesn’t guarantee anything, training does. I believe the human will to survive is strong with or with out the Self Defense Training System. The program simply increases your chances significantly. Just because you’re not in the system doesn’t mean you won’t survive and attack…sometimes it’s strategy, sometimes it/s luck, but I know which one I’d rather count on.


      Sound’s pretty good huh? Well that’s what I wanted to say and I kind of did, except with all the outtakes and edits, who knows what they will use. So before the producers of Penn and Teller’s Bullshit make me look like a knucklehead, THIS is what I meant to say.

      You be the judge, when the Martial Arts Episode airs you’ll know the truth…unfortunately 1 million other people may think differently, oh well time to go to Vegas and talk to a couple of magicians…


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      damn. all well said damian. Does Bullshit come on this week?

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      Thanks and No, it doesn’t air until June. The producer will send me the info and I’ll post it, for better or for worse.

      The other contributors are:
      A local California Tai Chi Instructor
      George Dillman (Death Touch efficianado)
      Possibly Steven Oliver of Mile High Karate fame

      They contacted me to see how it went.

      The only thing I can tell them is the taping went fine. The Director Ted Saad was easy to work with and knew exactly what he wanted (I suppose he won 3 emmy’s for a reason).

      The chance you take is in how they cut it up and use it in the show. I’m a big boy and I know that I leaving myself open for ball busting, which growing up in my house was a way of life. I just want the message to get to the right people. At the end of the day, people literally hear what they want to hear. They change their minds when their damn good and ready to. So out of 1.5 million we’ll get a few friends and hopefully a lot more enemies!!! Because when you feel good about something you’ll tell a few people, but when you’re pissed off at someone…you’ll tell EVERYBODY!

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      Nice Job Damian! Did ya do a demo for them as well? They allow any further self promotion?

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