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      They can take away your right to bear arms,
      but not your right to bare hands!

      In an effort to combat the recent administration

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      I have not heard of any further legislation against fire arms in the present admistration or even a threat of it. I think gun nuts just get flaky when a Demo gets in office because NRA tells them so. Sheep.

      Only major legislation against fire arms ownership was the Brady Bill which was needed and logical.

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      I believe you’re right. Every time there’s an assault gun bill or something even remotely related to firearm restriction, sales go up.

      It’s all about power, security and ease. The popular response for anyone who carries a firearm when asked about self defense is that they have the “equalizer”.

      I am a firearm advocate. I think responsible citizens need to help protect each other. The problem is the GRAY area. Most times in REACTIVE self defense situations, which is the majority of the time for citizens you must react AFTER someone has engaged you. Which means you’re going to have to use empty hand techniques or whatever improvised weapon you can get your mitts on to do the job.

      OK, 1%, back to your original point. I go off on a tangent because as a defensive tactics and hand to hand instructor I hear the “I’ll just use my gun” excuse form every lazy SOB who doesn’t want to train. Then what happens with the guys and gals I do train?

      When ever they go on a tough call, hey make sure the person with the training is in FRONT!!!! That really pisses me off. Sacrificing another person because of laziness. Sometimes THAT’S what you get for trying to do your job to the best of your ability.

      Anyway, back to your point. PERCEPTION IS REALITY. I’m sure the gun community loves the attention. ANY PUBLICITY IS GOOD PUBLICITY.

      They can complain, but who was thinking about them before the threat of losing your right to carry came up?

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      Perception is reality. You are so right my friend. They think it so it is. I recently decided to go to making my rounds because I cant buy them localy anymore!!! That is crazy and scary. But I practice alot just like I train my self defense alot. Because I need to but I also realize I need to be able to fight to get my firearm out or baton etc. Way to many folks dont understand that including LEO’s even! :roll:

      On a side note I am a advocate of Firearms for law abiding citizens as well. Except assualt weapons but that is really pandora’s box now isnt it? Since crazy SOB’s have now I WANT them just incase civilization breaks down and I need to defend my food and family. But as a guy that can potentially run across them on the street in the hands of criminal. Not Good :twisted:

      I just hate propoganda. The present adminstration is to busy trying to save our collective asses from 8 years of stupidity to try to go after our guns. and that my friend is reality sadly as you acutely pointed out the perception or propoganda is to the contrary and now I have to develop gun smithing skills! :shock: lmao

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      I also HATE the reply Ill use my gun! As ya pointed out A you have to be able to get it out even if ya can have it on you B) Youre everage person has the gun unloaded at home with a trigger guard on it inside a gun vault! Ummm….that aint gonna help ya buddy!…ya need to get your fat ass off the coach and learn to fricking fight for yourself but also your freinds and family.

      That arguement is one of my pet peeves. Also is one of my pet peeves when someone comes to the knowledge that I am rather skilled in Combatives and they say to me well I dont need that I have a gun. I.E. I am scared of you because I now know you can fight so now Ill play the guncard so I can feel better about myself so I can go back to watching the game and drinking beer instead of training like YOU!…lol..I know its mean but it is how I see it :twisted:

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