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      To hate me is to, well…hate me. :oops:” title=”Embarassed” />

      Google my name and you will find threads discussing my association with a former student of mine. Or with one of my instructors and a whole host of what is going on out there.

      A few years ago, I actually gave a shit. Hell it’s my reputation they’re talking about. I made it on some sites to post and others, well just didn’t confirm my subscription so I logged on as someone else and asked the person in charge of the forum “If he ever saw the video of me he was talking about.” His answer…”I heard it from a few guys in Houston who saw it.”

      After that, he looked up my IP address and blocked me. Then proceeded to post more crap.

      In fact, I got blocked from all of these forums as soon as they discover its me. Which is not too hard since I use my real name. So in reality, I couldn’t even add to the shit pile of lies.

      It was the best thing that ever happened.

      I thought back to my Dad’s advice “Never negative sell.”

      When you deal in hate, it comes back to you. If you feel you have to publish out and out lies with no basis in fact and then don’t have the balls to let the person you’re talking about respond you are a P-U-S-S-Y. It’s funny to see that the tough guy world of martial arts and self defense is filled with gossipy wash women.

      Lesson learned.

      I’m asking everyone who reads this post NOT to feel the need to defend Damian Ross, the self defense company or the self defense training system or any other product. Believe me, a few years ago, I wanted just that. Now, don’t even get involved. If you feel you must, just say “Hey, say what you will about Damian Ross and the self defense company, but I do it, I like it and it works.”

      Instead I would rather you spread the word in a positive manner. Talk about the benefits of what you’re doing. Focus on the positive. In the long run, you’ll be better for it.

      Hey, at this point the haters are a blip in the rear view. One site we have over 4 times the mount of traffic, the other over 20 times. I guess my old man was right on the money R.I.P.

      Hate comes from ignorance and fear. These people never piss me off as long as they’re talking about me. When they stop talking…that’s a problem.

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      Cool post, and also very true.

      Your dad was a wise man.

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      Thanks and yes he was.

      This is also the same guy who would drive 20 miles to save $1.00 on lawn seed. Or insisted on buying a live Christmas tree every year only to watch them die a slow death in the back yard (while still in the bucket from Christmas).

      Part of the fun of being a dad is torturing your kids with your eccentricity.

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