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I have a disability and can’t do stances!!!

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      I have a problem that I need to work around. I can’t do stances perfectly because I have physically deformed knees. Scientifically it is called genu valgum(knock knees), except that is an actual deformity and therefore not something that can be fixed with just exercises.


      John Russell


      This isn’t a martial art. There are no stances, you fight from where ever you are.

      It’s not you’re fault you make this WRONG assumption about the SDTS, it’s the martial arts and self defense industry. They have been telling you that you need to be athletic and in peak physical condition to defend yourself.

      Now there is no doubt that being in perfect physical condition helps – but it’s not necessary.

      The SDTS is a tactical response to violence using whatever means needed. Like weapons and every dirty trick in the book .

      If you can move your arm and grip something – you can survive.

      Regarding stances – real dangerous fights don’t begin with a stance, they begin with an approach. In the SDTS you train to fight out of normal, conversational positions.

      This is where real fights happen.

      Being that you have an obvious physical condition that predators can spot – you need this training more than regular people because you’re most likely to be targeted.

      No stances, no BS – just what works.

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      Hey John, I’ll chime in a little with Damian, I don’t know where you are in training within our system, but it is defiantly not martial arts. Damian has put together a system that anyone can use regardless of their situation. He has taken techniques that have the highest percentage of success, moves that come natural that you will remember in a high stress environment and put them in a neat package of 12 modules called the Self Defense Training System (SDTS).
      Now then in module 1 you learn that specific defenses don’t work, you also learn that a good defense depends on 3 primary elements DISTANCE, BALANCE, and MOMENTUM. In the training drills in module one your first drill will be using the finger dart, blade stance, whip kick, and horizontal edge of hand. When you see the blade stance don’t confuse that with being a type of form that has to be perfect. It is actually a body position where you have greater strength. If you are square up with someone and they push you backwards it is easy to take your balance. If you are at a 45 degree angle you are braced so it is easier to maintain your balance. If fact, it is a natural reaction when you are pushed to brace yourself by dropping a leg back which automatically puts you in a blade stance we just go to the blade stance in preparation.
      When we speak of a stance in our system it is about body position and the strength, distance and momentum you can gain from that position. For example in the blade stance with a finger dart you have created some distance, protected some of your vital parts and put your attacker in a position he now has to make another move. In module 1 we learn that action is always faster than reaction, so by moving to the blade stance at his approach we have already reacted to his potential attack and created some distance so we have more time to react. We would react by throwing the whip kick followed by a train load of edge of hands steady pushing them back gaining momentum taking their balance always moving forward. So all the blade stance does is prepare and protect you it doesn’t need to look pretty or perfect.
      In my classes I tell folks use these techniques and fight like a bee. It doesn’t matter that a bee is small they attack, attack, and attack always moving you forward and taking your balance. In our system things don’t have to look pretty like in a martial art. You will never be graded on form in the street, so don’t get hung up on what you can’t do concentrate on what you can. Just hack, scratch, bite kick or whatever you can to survive. That what this system will prepare you for is survival during an attack. No Katas here. I hope this helps friend.

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      Well said [Jim Nichols]

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