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I think this might just be the most rediculous rape defense idea I’ve ever heard of.

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      Dallas Williams
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      Dallas Williams

      Women and girls relying on a garment of “protective clothing” to protect them from getting raped? This sounds very similar to Captain Chris’s idea of using armored backpacks to help prevent kids from being shot in the event of a school shooting. Things like this can instill a false sense of confidence into people and in effect cause them to avoid taking other and more practical measures to protect themselves from harm. What happens in the event that the rapist attempts to undress them and he’s pissed because the undergarments can’t be removed and the victim has no other means of protecting herself? There are other ways sexual assault can take place besides vaginally or anally and these protective garments still won’t protect you from being physically assaulted, beaten, strangled, stabbed, or shot. The most logical choice is to be aware of your surroundings and who you associate with and avoid being put in a situation where you could be raped in the first place. And in the event that you are attacked and unable to escape having the knowledge and skill necessary to defend yourself and eliminate the treat to your safety both with and without weapons. Empowering people to protect themselves, overcome their attacker, and be prepared to avoid and escape all variety of attempted crimes such as robbery, carjacking, rape, assault, or murder and would be criminals learning that people are prepared and will no longer take shit from them is a much better means of preventing and stopping this rampage of crime in our society than crazy inventions like this resulting from individuals attempting to capitalize off of an epidemic in our society and it’s victims or silly liberal notions of trying to change a violent culture that has always been a part of human society and always will be there or perfecting a justice system that never has and never will be perfect.

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      I’d bang the one in the red…oh, sorry wrong site.

      OK, they were right when they said women who resist were most likely to avoid sexual assault without increasing the violence of the attack.

      What you’re wearing has NOTHING to do with it.

      Many times before women are raped they’re beaten, disoriented, unconscious and even dead.

      The only time I would see this effective in ANYWAY is a possible date rape scenario. But then, just wear form fitting jeans and you’re all set.

      A shirt is not going to prevent you from getting raped – by the time he’s tearing your clothes off he’s already committed. The only thing that will save you is fighting back.

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      Oh, what if you had severe diarrhea or IBS and had to get those suckers off in a hurry?!?!?

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      James Goolsby

      Ah… anything to scare people and make a buck.

      BTW… soooo, you’re saying my patented Cpt Chris Armor Pak is no good? Dammit! Fooled once again. Laugh

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      Lmao my iPhone thought that site was so shitty it shut down. Lol really… Ladies please do get that crap. Learn to defend yourself and fight back. Or when the rapist pulls out his junk just grab and twist he will stop once you crack his nuts.

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      Dallas Williams

      Right the chick in the black and red and the one in the navy blue top and black boy shorts I’d totally hit that, but having to attempt to remove unremoveable bras and panties is a big turnoff lol. What is a turn on to me is a girl that is strong, confident, and fit and capable of getting physical and rough with me and defending herself if need be :) !

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      Young Wang

      ” AR Wear would like to provide products to women and girls that will offer better protection against some attempted rapes while the work of changing society’s rape culture moves forward.” Rape culture??! If you think there’s a rape culture because you can’t get drunk at parties and not be taken advantage of, in EITHER a SEXUAL way or simply having your new “friends” videotape you doing some ridiculously EMBARRASSING & STUPID SH#T & uploading it to facebook, or because you can’t WALK down dark unfamiliar streets at night without bad things happening, rape being only ONE of the MANY possible things such as getting mugged, getting lost, or you can’t act/dress like a SLUT without inviting sexual attention and remarks from BOTH MEN AND WOMEN, than the problem lies with your ability to think rationally and to make smarter decisions, NOT society promoting or condoning rape. Ladies, please use your brains and stop looking for an easy way out or for more opportunities to blame men. Make smarter decisions. Or better yet, buy 60 Minute Self Defense, and you will learn exactly what decisions to make and when and HOW to act. How about actually buying and actually using something USEFUL instead of yet another handbag? But BEST of all how about actually TRAINING with pepper spray instead of simply lodging it into your purse and having never ever used it even ONCE?! I swear to god if these feminists spent HALF as much time training in 60 Minute Self Defense as they do bitching and moaning about our society’s rape culture, they would have actually taken, guess what, REAL concrete action to make none other than better and smarter decisions that will actually prevent BAD STUFF(muggings, kidnappings, drug use, obesity, as well as rape) from happening.. But they’re too lazy, cough, I mean “busy” gossiping on facebook, stuffing their faces with another treat from Starbucks, and are looking to put the blame elsewhere and always want to invent some sort of magic pill.

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      Dallas Williams

      It’s no different than anything else in our modern day entitled and lazy American society people always want somebody to blame for bad or stupid decisions they make and the effects that result from those decisions and they want an easy solution such as taking a magic pill to help them “loose weight”, vehicles that automatically brake to avoid crashes, or wearing “rape proof” clothing that requires little or no conscious thought or effort on their part. People want to sue McDonalds for making them fat, they want to blame guns for causing violence, or they want to blame men and “rape” culture in the media and music for causing rape. But it all comes down to the fact that we can’t nor should we depend on big brother government, police, crazy products or inventions, or anybody or anything else to protect, feed, house, clothe us or do other things for us that we should be doing for ourselves.

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      Dallas Williams

      I swear in the next several decades or centuries if we keep inventing shit that keeps performing the very things for us our own bodies and minds should be doing we will evolve to become a very weak cretin minded creature who is dependent on this technology and machinery just to survive and without it or with a breakdown in the system we would cease to exist. Just look at the last 100 years how dependent man has become on electricity, computers, calculators, robots, and cell phones and the disaster to modern mankind that could have resulted had Y2K had occurred as thought. I think electricity is a great thing as are computers and phones and am in favor of things that can be created to make life easier for us. However, I think this can be taken to an extreme and it is very easy to become overly dependent on things that our grand parents would have considered luxuries and forget how to get by without them. Up until the last century humans didn’t even have to make a conscious effort to exercise to get in adequate physical activity because the day to day manual labors of life back then required shitloads of physical activity everyday. And for the most part people actually took the time to prepare and eat healthy foods because there was no such thing as McDonalds, Sonic, Hardees, or Pizza Hut and other modern day fast food places that we have in modern times. And up until the last few decades children in grade school or students in college were solving some of the same very complex problems and equations with a pen and paper and their own brains that today we can just enter into a calculator and computer and the problem is solved for us. And instant messaging and text messaging has largely replaced face to face interaction and conversation especially in our youth. And studies have shown that as a result of these changes brain size, intelligence, and physical stature and musculature as a whole in modern humans has decreased in comparison to our ancestors. The point is with all of the benefits and positives that modern technology has given us have also come with an increased sense of entitlement in our society, an increase in laziness and decrease in work ethic, and the loss of the ability for many people to take responsibility and accountabilty for their actions, and think logically and make good rational decisions for themselves.

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