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I would like more striking techniques.

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      I will like to more striking techniques.

      Marcus Staten.


      Have you even looked at any of the SDTS Training Videos? We’ll train you to strike with EVERY part of your body.


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      James Goolsby

      Ha! That was my reaction exactly when I saw the title of this post: “Have you even looked?””

      If there is one thing SDTS is not lacking it’s striking (and biting, and gouging, and crushing, and… ) Laugh

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      All I can say is that this program has it all. You learn how to use every part of your body as a weapon, but it takes training and practice to develop the combinations that feel right for you. As Damian said you are your best trainer when it comes to finding the techniques that work for you and developing the combinations. What I find is that the way Damian teaches he helps you bring out things because you see how the technique is done, the reaction of the movement the techniques generate and from there you have to use your instincts. Damian and the SDTS can’t do it all for you,you have to work at it, train with it, practice, and in time you will develop out of what Damian teaches and use this program and make it your own. Just my thoughts. But again you have to watch the videos and work with the system for the system to work for you. As the boss says train honestly.

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      James Goolsby

      [David Litts],

      That’s it, brother. It really is all about finding what works for you, and you’re only going to discover that by working the system. Even Damian admits he doesn’t use everything he teaches. Instead, he has his 5 or 6 techniques that work for him, which may or may not be the same 5 or 6 that work for you or the ones that work for me. It’s all about options… Damian has given us a buffet, now it’s up to us to choose what each of us like to eat. Wink

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      Do some of these people even research the SDTS before emailing Damian. Watch the vids on YouTube, hit the forum, hit a brick. The SDTS is not the majic built self defense system or the only one on the market. However IMO it is the best system out there. I have researched many many systems before I decided to take the plunge and pull out the credit card, I’m glad I stopped here! This is the most complete system out there and one of the few truly tested on the battlefield and the streets.

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      Train in the SDTS…you’ll find about 3 strikes you’ll default to. Sure…you’re learn a bunch…but you’ll revert to 2 or 3 of your favorites.

      You don’t need MORE… hell…be striving for less.

      Even Bruce Lee said “I don’t fear the man who practiced 10,000 kicks…I fear the man who practiced 1 kick 10,000 times.”


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      @ThomasPowers said:
      Even Bruce Lee said “I don’t fear the man who practiced 10,000 kicks…I fear the man who practiced 1 kick 10,000 times.”

      That sums it all up right there!

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      Dallas Williams

      I fear the man even more who has practiced the edge of hand or chin jab 1000 times :) ! Train in the right but simple and effective tactics and thou shall not fear any man!

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      Preach on brother Dallas, preach on.

      Hell by this point in my training I have probably done the EOH a thousand times!

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