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      Hey [Damian Ross] wha happened to the iFightback app. I had it on my last iPhone then it died and I had to get a new one and I no longer have the app an can not find it anywhere. I just was wondering, it was an entertaining SDTS app and was very helpful. I miss it lol.

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      Thanks [Archie Thomas]…I almost forgot we had that!!!
      Don’t really need it now – everything is right here!

      Besides I’m thinking of another app…Smile

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      Thats awesome. Yea I used to get a kick out of the car jacking video you had on there. I think it was the fact you tried to make the language sound realistic and the f bomb cracked me up. Just something about the way you said it. Lol.
      A new app would be great, maybe an insider app so iPhone users don’t have to get on safari all the time. Or maybe another scenario app with a break down, convenience store robbery, car jacking, etc… You know the usual… Wait that was the iFightback app lol.

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      All of those other things will be done here. It’s easy to do now.

      Regarding the APP I’m thinking along the lines of something even MORE practical that you can use as a tool to keep you connected to your environment.

      I’ll shut up now because I have too.

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      I think I know what your saying. Lol say no more.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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