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      Here’s something I got from an pro-MMA guy who believes MMA is the real shit!

      “Urijah Faber was almost killed ina street fight.”
      Are you dense or just retarded? So let me get this straight.
      I argue MMA is more valuable than ANY thing you are claiming to learn.
      To “prove me wrong”, you pull of Urijah Faber’s “tale” of how he was jumped by TWELVE PEOPLE OF ORGANIZED CRIME..and managed to LIVE TO TELL ABOUT IT?
      Do..do you not get what you are doing?
      MMA fighter=Lived incredibly violent confrontation, lists several techniques/conditioning benefits of MMA that probably saved his life
      To begin with, let’s look at your article. You know, actually DEBATE something here.
      The source of this statement is -URIAH FABER-, do you know what this means?
      He gets to say WHATEVER he wants about said event, it could be completely MADE UP, the only evidence we have are his injuries and that well, he “lived” after coming back from Balia. A third world country by the way that does not have a dedicated police force and organized crime is rampant, not “RURAL OR SUBURBAN AMERICA 101.

      However, this helps MY argument, not yours.
      Now keep this in mind kid. I’m going to say ONE THING that proves you have no idea how self defense works. I’m going to show three points where this ENTIRE incident could have been avoided.
      Situational Awareness = Be aware of your surroundings and the intent of those around you.
      What Urijah Faber lacked WASN’T STREET FIGHTING SKILLS, it was STREET SMARTS. You clearly lack BOTH. I’ll show you why.

      Source:Story comes from a Sherdog video interview, not an article, follows like this:
      How’d you get those…
      “Cuts on my head or what not”
      Not from a cage fight, real great story.
      “I went to Bali, Indonesia, three weeks.”
      (He’s in a country where he does not have the same rights as an American, -1)
      “In a Club.”
      (Social event, lots of people, drunk, aggressive, third world country, mob, -5)
      “Guy came up to me, was a prick, my nature is NOT TO BACK DOWN,
      (Faber’s nature is AGGRESSION)
      we stepped outside, back around a corner, INTO AN ALLEY, let’s DO IT MOTHERFUCKER”
      (PROVOKES attack)

      Guy calls for backup, 1 on 1 fight
      BROKE THE DUDE’S COLLARBONE ON CEMENT (Holy shit! STREET FIGHT! MMA SELF DEFENSE, beat the shit out of the dude.)
      end of fight

      Starts to leave, got hit in the back of head with brass knuckles (left scar) and other weapons. Runs back to club to civilization, getting chased by 11-12 dudes, diving, elbowying, GOES INTO GRACIE GUARD POSITION to defend self, some people helped out, runs, runs, runs, runs, jumps, jumps, jumps, dive rolls, jumps, Begs to be let in store, begs dude not to kill him, fist punches him, hops in taxi, taxi driver saves his life.

      So to summarize, given you never know what the fuck you’re talking about,
      An MMA fighter goes to a third world country, mouths off, beats a dude’s ass in the street fight, but wasn’t prepared for his aggressive flaws to cause 12+ gang people to jump him with weapons. Claims to still have beaten most of their asses while running for his life covered in blood.

      Self defense claims are hard enough to verify, that’s why you believe so much shit now.
      I can EASILY claim I was in China last week and chain punched 30 triads to death and all they could do was give me a scar on my arm. Prove me wrong.
      Oh that’s right, you can’t. Just like Faber. Just like your “SELF DEFENSE” videos, you have no way to prove the legitimacy of these claims.

      EVEN SO, it can be easily argued that through MMA and MMA conditoning, Faber was use to the levels of violence and aggression, kicked ass, and was able to survive against armed gangsters in a third world country.

      Thanks for proving my point in a round about way.

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      A single street fight doesn’t prove or disprove the validity of a system. There have been great successes and tragic failures of experts of every conceived form of fighting in the world.

      Next, what do you define as success survival or homicide?

      If the formula Guy Studies MMA = Guy Wins Street Fight
      Therefore MMA = Win Street Fights is true.

      Then I offer the following.
      Guy wrestles = guy wins street fight
      Wrestling = wins street fights

      guy plays football = gu wins street fight
      Football = wins street fights

      Guy Drinks Beer = Guy Wins Street Fight
      There Drinks Beer = Win Street Fights

      You get my point.

      You could take it a step further and say anyone who ever one a street fight (an adult street fight) could come out with their own fighting system.

      Enough on that. So what is a system? It consists of application, purpose, repeatability and success.

      Application: Contest
      Purpose: Knock out or submit opponent within specific set of rules, time and location
      Repeatability: Yes
      Success: Yes, with in the scope of its purpose, competition

      Application: Self Defense
      Purpose: Survive, Kill or Capture by any means
      Repeatability: Yes
      success: Yes, 1910 shanghai, the US, wwII, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan- you can read the testimonials

      Now to those guys who posted. Don’t bother. It is the debate style of a 12 year old who has a severe learning disability with a chronic chronic masturbation issue.
      we also assume the story is true, it could happen, he’s no doubt a tough guy and here’s my point.

      He is not them and he is not you. Sure people who know better and have been around the block choose the SDTS, but these guys posting are not professional fighters (it’s my daddy can beat up your daddy all over again).

      These guys can’t BE that person so they pretend they are them on the internet. Try it, its easy. Pick a War Hero, Audie Murphy Hollywood Icon and WWII CMH winner. Now you post Audie Murhpy would have all of their hearts on a stake and their ears for necklaces.

      When they come back at you tell them: (from wikipedia)
      Murphy still had to “fight the system” to get overseas and into combat. His persistence paid off, and in early 1943 he was shipped out to Casablanca, Morocco as a replacement in Company B, 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division.[5] Murphy saw no action in Africa, but instead participated in extensive training maneuvers along with the rest of the 3rd Division. His combat initiation finally came when he took part in the invasion of Sicily on July 10, 1943.[1][5] Shortly after arriving, Murphy was promoted to corporal[1] after killing two Italian officers as they tried to escape on horseback. He contracted malaria[2][6] while in Sicily, an illness which put him in the hospital several times during his Army years.[6]

      After Sicily was secured from the Axis forces, the 3rd Division invaded the Italian mainland, landing near Salerno[1] in September 1943.[5] While leading a night patrol, Murphy and his men ran into German soldiers but fought their way out of an ambush, taking cover in a rock quarry.[1] The German command sent a squad of soldiers in, but they were stopped by intense machine-gun and rifle fire.[1] Three German soldiers were killed and several others captured.[1] As a result of his actions at Salerno, Murphy was promoted to sergeant.[1]

      Murphy distinguished himself in combat on many occasions while in Italy, fighting at the Volturno River,[5] at the Anzio beachhead,[5] and in the cold, wet Italian mountains. While in Italy, his skills as a combat infantryman earned him promotions and decorations for valor.[5]

      Following its participation in the Italian campaign, the 3rd Division landed in Southern France[5] on August 15, 1944 as part of Operation Anvil-Dragoon.[5] Shortly thereafter, Murphy’s best friend, Lattie Tipton (referred to as “Brandon” in Murphy’s book To Hell and Back), was killed by a German soldier in a machine gun nest who was feigning surrender.[1] Murphy went into a rage,[1] and single-handedly wiped out the German machine gun crew which had just killed his friend.[1] He then used the German machine gun and grenades to destroy several other nearby enemy positions.[1] For this act, Murphy received the Distinguished Service Cross[1] (second only to the Medal of Honor). During seven weeks of fighting in that campaign in France, Murphy’s division suffered 4,500 casualties.[5]

      Just weeks later, he received two Silver Stars for further heroic actions.[1] Murphy, by now a staff sergeant and holding the position of Platoon Sergeant, was eventually awarded a battlefield commission to second lieutenant, which elevated him to the Platoon Leader position.[1] He was wounded in the hip by a sniper’s ricocheting bullet 12 days after the promotion[1] and spent ten weeks recuperating.[1] Within days of returning to his unit, and still bandaged, he became company commander (January 25, 1945), and suffered further wounds from a mortar round which killed two others nearby.

      The next day, January 26 (the temperature was 14

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      More and More BS.

      haha discover how to tear down you local mma wunna be tough guy. Thats priceless. Now Close Quarter Combat is great stuff. But the whole karate chop thing doesn’t cut it. Now if a mma fighter gets in close enough. He will sweep you and go for the submission and in real life he will break something, knock you out (ground and pound), or make you pass out from choking you. Now if you continue to think mma will not save your life please feel free to nut up or shut up. Make a video of you fighting an mma fighter who has some experience.

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      You started this thread because you needed help in an argument about MMA and self defense. We took you seriously. Now that you’re posted this you’re either:
      Off your medication
      Trying to set up an argument
      Just plain stupid

      I though about deleting you but….this is much more fun an I’ll do it until I get bored with you. Then I’ll ban you.

      First, let me start by saying, I’m right and you’re wrong. Once you get used to this fact, life is a lot easier.

      Second, you don’t know exactly what the SDTS is about. You have no idea about content and structure.
      Congratulations you’re the quintessential internet poster: under informed and over accessed.

      To tel you the truth, I’ll take this argument not to convince you in any way shape or form, but so that the normal guy reading this doesn’t think we agree with you.

      For argument’s sake, my guess is that you you picked a couple of mma moves and made a fight happen in your own mind and pictured what someone, or me would do in an mma fight.

      Then you suggested that I fight an experienced mma fighter to prove the SDTS system.

      Have you read the success stories? Have you seen the people who face life and death everyday who actually use the system say? Pick up a few books (actual books, not forum posts. That is not research).

      No of course not, you’re too busy surfing youtube and porn to take the time to actually read them. You would rather have me or one of our instructors commit assault on an innocent man. Since SDTS techniques and tactics are meant for actual combat, they are not be allowed in any sporting event.

      I really don’t know what else to say to you other than, next time you step to me, why don’t you have a better suggestion, like if the “SDTS” is so bad ass why don’t you go to Afghanistan and do it there?”

      OOPS, too late, we already did that.

      Maybe some day when you’re done playing games you can come train with the men.

      Of course after you’re professional fight career has come to an end.

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      Well thanks for not deleting me Damian! That was very decent of you. Anyway, even a person with limited SDTS training can defeat an MMA fighter. I’ve heard of events where MMA boys have wrecked 2or3 people ina fight outside the octagon. Seems MMA can be effective too for an art that’s not real self-defense.

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      We were doing that with pure wrestling skills. That’s not the point.

      Pro fighters are just that. Are you a pro fighter? No. Those skills are INEFFICIENT and take TOO LONG to LEARN.

      And guess what, if you miss 3 months they deteriorate in seconds.


      Fight, survive and win. Take two guys of equal ability…
      One guy trains in MMA for one month
      One guy trains in SDTS for one month

      Put them in the street SDTS guy wins
      Put them in the ring MMA guy wins

      Where do you want to win: the street or the ring?

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      I could use the SDTS in the ring…..if I wanted too! I saw a Cestari vid on the tube, he demonstrated the rock crusher, is that in the SDTS as well. Is the rock crusher even effective?

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      Ive heard continual discussion whether or not it’s possible to strike the base of the nose with with brute force, that the nose bone will break through the cranium of the skull, and kill the person instantly from the bone driving into the brain, sounds crazy.

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      You can use a technique from the SDTS in the ring, but not the system.

      The system is designed for combat. I’ll keep it simple for you.

      In the Ring:
      *2 competitors
      *Time and place set
      *No weapons
      *No intent to kill
      *Lethal moves banned
      *Guys are same weight
      *Guys are healthy (yes sometimes guys fight hurt, Mike Massenzio fought hurt. Yes I know my, my brother is in his camp)
      *Both guys know when the fight begins and when it ends

      In the street:
      *Maybe multiple attackers (you never know you must assume)
      *Weapons are there (over 90% in violent assault arrests had a weapon present). Try “grappling” with two or more guys trying to rip your head off.
      *Its all in- you’re fighting for your life. When you fight for your life you are AMPED up beyond belief more than any competition you can imagine so only a certain type of technique will work- gross motor movements.
      *The guy is usually a lot lager. Being 5’8″ I always mixed it up with guys much bigger than me
      *Guys are healthy. Most times you will be sick, tired and dare I say…drunk
      *The fight ends when your home or the cavalry arrives.
      *The actually fighting starts at the first strike and if you’re up against an experienced street fighter, you better know when you’re being set up and how to turn the tables on him. A good street fighter won’t approach you with his hands up. He will be sneaky and disarm you verbally. As soon as you think its cool, he gets close and its lights out for you.

      You can’t compare the two. So that brings me back to my last post. Do you want to train for the street or the ring?

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      the street for sure. You being in Jersey, I bet you’ve had your share of brawls!

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      Anglo_Saxon_Combatant wrote:
      Ive heard continual discussion whether or not it’s possible to strike the base of the nose with with brute force, that the nose bone will break through the cranium of the skull, and kill the person instantly from the bone driving into the brain, sounds crazy.[/quote:2s2t2kr4]

      Myth. The cartilage on the end of the nose breaks away. I know, I’ve broken my nose five times..correct that, I’ve had my nose broken for me 5 times.
      If we were designed like that you would see a least a few deaths in MMA. The gloves are small enough and guys are definitely getting hit.

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      Anglo_Saxon_Combatant wrote:
      the street for sure. You being in Jersey, I bet you’ve had your share of brawls![/quote:1mg7lt23]

      Just like anyplace else, if you look for trouble, it will ind you. Believe it or not, I grew up in a nice suburb. Its just that my brother and I had a desire to mix it up. I guess that’s what started this whole thing.

      After years of martial arts, I realized that out of all the “dust ups” I would wind up taking a guy own and ground and pound him into oblivion. So then I got to thinking, what the hell am I doing in martial arts. I used to watch the cardio kick boxing classes and think “other than sparring, we’re pretty much doing the same thing.” Fighting air. But we were getting yelled at while they were listening to music.

      When I discovered this type of training it hit me. I was only looking to cut through the BS and get to what worked. I had enough character building and discipline to last 3 lifetimes.

      That’s why when MMA came about. I liked it, but is was wrestling, judo and kick boxing. Three things I’ve done more than my share of. If I knew this stuff way back when, I would have save myself a lot of time, aggravation and $$$$$. Once I understood the difference between sport and self defense everything became clear.

      It all happens in a specific context. Sports take finesse and technical expertise. Self defense is decisive action and broad skill. Its like firearms not fighting. See target, obliterate target, move forward.

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      a direct blast right to the snot box could end a fight…or just daise the dude long enough to finish it. I’ve been hitting my buddy BOB with two-hit strikes, been brushin up on that, one pre-emptive strike, one finisher. drop step, horizontal axe hand/chinjab. Horizontal axe hand, vertical blow to collar bone/side neck, etc. Now and then I’ll throw in hooks. BTW I saw in one of Carl’s series the edge of the fist blow. Would that work, I don’t wuna break my pinky!

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      SDTS module 2 covers exactly how to do that.

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      LOL @ “I’m right and you’re wrong, life will be a lot easier.”

      Damian, are you an Aries?

      My Grandad was.

      You rock man! lol

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