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      Scott Cain

      I’m on Module 2 right now and I watched Olympus Has Fallen last night (aka “Die Under Hard Siege”). In the last White House scene, the bad guy has the good guy’s left arm pinned against the wall and is squeezing his trachea. The good guy’s left arm is free and I’m thinking “I’ve seen this guy use web of hand, edge of hand, and a fantastic chin jab”… CUPPED HAND BLOW! CUPPED HAND BLOW! CUPPED HAND BLOW! dammit!

      Guess it wasn’t in the script, but it should have been.

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      James Goolsby


      First, let me welcome you to Insider.

      One thing you will notice more and more is that you’ll begin seeing things like this. I’m to the point now where I’ve all but given up on martial arts magazines and such; so much of it is just BS. And, like you’ve already discovered, there’s a big difference between Hollywood and the real world… just watch any recent Steve Seagull (as Damian likes to call him) movie. Like I always say: SDTS ain’t pretty, but it freakin’ works!

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      Welcome to the Inside Scott. Yep after a couple months of training I ha been doing the same thing watching movies lol. And Olympus has fallen is a great movie non stop action and splosions lol.

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