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      I purchased the whole SDC thing a couple months ago and I’ve been working my way through it. One thing I do is to watch the DVDs multiple times because there’s always little things that I miss.

      Anyhow, I was always fascinated by the martial arts since the time I was a young lad, but I never trained in any one particular one because I was deeply frightened of being conditioned by something that would put me in peril. I believe that every person believes a lie, and it is my daily quest to find the lies that I believe and purge them.

      So I would just make up my own stuff and take things from different systems that made sense to me. I would think things through instead of just mindlessly following a guy because of a title.

      However, I took a chance on the SDC package because I’ve got good instincts and I’m a good judge of character. Only a fool can’t see that Mr. Ross is an honest man. Honesty isn’t about telling the truth to others so much as about telling the truth to yourself.

      This SDC system – and I don’t like the word “system” – is the first thing I’d seen that made sense to me. The proof of wisdom is simplicity, and I’m a big believer in simplicity. People complicate things because it gives them power. Lawyers and politicians, for example. Or preachers and martial artists. The parallels between religion and martial arts could fill a book.

      This thing is so simple only an utter moron couldn’t comprehend it. And so effective. I was most impressed by the drop step. Such an unbelievably simple thing, but so incredibly effective. You could tie my hands behind my back, and I could use my head, shoulders, and the drop step just by themselves to wreak utter mayhem.

      I never took the karate chop seriously before because I thought it was more movie BS. But after hitting myself in the throat and base of the skull a few times I realized this thing was potent – and you’ve got no leverage or body weight behind strikes to yourself.

      Or how about a lead tiger claw to the face. No defense against that, if you keep going. It’s like a stiff arm from a running back. So simple, not fancy, but so utterly effective.

      I’m no expert but I’ve learned that many “experts” are really dumbasses because they never question their indoctrination. I’ve solved medical problems for my daughter that baffled an entire team of emergency room physicians, for example, because they were too stupid to see the obvious.

      And that is the great thing about SDC: it is simply a revelation of the obvious, which has been obfuscated by years of martial arts religious idealism.

      When you forget that you are being conditioned, you will forget how to think.

      So I’d like to sincerely thank Mr. Ross for this package of learning tools and, most importantly, for being honest and secure enough not to feel the need to dress it up to manipulate people.

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