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I’m Really Good At Air Guitar

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      I’m really good at air gutiar. I move my fingers up and down the neck, I can strum with the best of them. But when I pick up a real guitar I suck.

      This is the probelm with self defense training. Training with a partner, pulling your technique and praticing to hold back is a big problem.

      The same can be said for wearing protective gear duing training. This gives you a false sense of security and power. Unless you’re going to be wearing hand wraps all of the time, DON’T.

      Practice the way you play….full out. If you only trained in Modules 1 to 8 and trained to react as soon as someone got in your space- you will be a very tough customer. When I say react I mean move or attack.

      There is no other way to do this. Anyone who teaches you to wait in any way shape or form has either never been in a fight or has been extremely lucky.

      Damian Ross

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