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      [b:3865zxcb]In Self Defense You Need to Keep Attacking and Talking Ground the rest is Just Details[/b:3865zxcb]


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      What about missing and getting countered, I know it’s a combat sport example but how is getting countered best avoided?

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      If I may, I’d like to add my 2 cents.
      As far as your attacker is concerned, as your taking ground and unleashing a barrage of strikes knees etc.(and do expect to miss occasionaly) you will be keeping him off balance and we all know that a person off balance cannot land a blow or kick at full power. He will be busy enough trying to cover from your barrage as well. You must not concern yourself about his counter, you keep hacking, kneeing, gouging and taking ground until its over and he’s lying in a crumpled heap at your feet.


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      What I’m wondering about though, is what if when you miss he has a chance to regain his balance?

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      Don’t let him regain his balance….thats why we don’t stop striking and stomping [u:rc2qybrm]always[/u:rc2qybrm] taking ground. You should be striking with both hands if one misses the next strike should already be on it’s way…Trust me if you land just one solid edge of hand to the throat….stick a fork in ‘m cause he’s done!!


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      Ok, but for the sake of argument, let’s say you miss multiple times, for various reasons, (ex. you slip, he’s fast, etc…,) what is the mechanism for taking ground when your attacker has a chance to regain his balance?

      I’m just examining the possibility.

      Obviously the foot stomping tactic is key to keeping him off balance but is there anything else involved?
      What are it’s shortcomings if any?

      I’m just looking at worst case scenarios here.

      Thanks for your replies so far.

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      If in the situation where he regains his balance,then keep going,breathe,keep attacking.I believe that the guard you are taught in the system will stop any hurtful counter.Your jaw is well covered and vital targets are covered.
      In my experience if your spirit is strong to attack,even the most athleic opponent can be broke down,Where you break his spirit.
      This is the most effective fighting system in the world.Believe it this works.
      I am an ex bare knuckle fighter and boxer and from my experience of real fighting this is the best system.
      Damians one helluva teacher.Trust what he says when this covers everything!!

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      30 years of sport, art, military, exe protection and bouncing

      and I not only agree but attacking is the only way to make sure you do not get “countered.”

      In h2h self-defense it all boils down to distance, balance and momentum.

      The individual who spends their energy blocking, attempting to parry, and evading will find themselves to darn busy to counter your counter.

      There is an old adage that states:

      In combat if you over analyze you paralyze

      Besides the energy you spend attacking will release the sudden spike of adrenaline that takes place and allow you to direct it straight up your attacker pie hole.

      Just think of the German BlitzKrieg; fast,effective and powerful

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