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In South Africa, 61 and Sedentary – can I start training?

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      Dear Damian,
      It was fortuitous that you asked me to write to you as I had unsuccessfully tried to raise some queries with you before making a decision on your training course (my emails were returned as unsent) and I was about to give up on pursuing the subject.

      My first question was in connection with my age (61) and the nature of work I have done to-date (sedentary) and whether this would not be a handicap. Although I did karate for a very limited period in 1974, I have always felt the need for anyone to be adequately prepared to defend oneself as the need will inevitably arise, irrespective of age or standing in society. I once owned a licensed gun but lost it in a hijacking incident when I was fired on whilst opening my garage door at night and least expecting to be robbed, and the gun was in the car and taken with it by the hijackers (1992) and since then I decided I would never own a gun again, given the hassle of the legal requirements in South Africa (keeping it securely in a holster in your person at all times or in an approved gun safe when not on you). Although I was a robbery victim I was also a criminal suspect for not having the gun on me at the time of the robbery.

      So, for me unarmed self-defence is the best option for any individual as its not provocative (in that you are not carrying any visible or concealed weapon and you are usually perceived to be harmless. I need the training but will I cope?

      My next question concerns the total cost of the programme and the most affordable payment plan. Being in South Africa and given the exchange fluctuations, I need to pay the lowest installment but in the most convenient way. I am employed and earn a fixed income and will be retiring in four years.

      I have previewed your training material and was highly impressed by the content. My question here concerns the form in which it is delivered to me. Is it over the internet for downloading or do I get hard copies delivered to my physical address. Will I need models/figurines to practise counter attack tactics on or do I need a live partner to work with as in the conventional martial arts?

      Your responses to the above will assist me in reaching a decision on joining your programme. In conclusion I would like to compliment you or your persistent and persuasive approach to marketing your programme.

      Kind regards,

      Aubrey B. Moyo

      Thanks for taking the time to write me. The easiest way to contact me is here, right on Insider.

      61 and sedentary.
      61 and sedentary just means you’re starting at a slower pace. But with the SDTS you will learn something IMMEDIATELY that you can use right now. Its starts with awareness and then moves forward from there.
      One thing to keep in mind is that there are multiple aspects to self defense – empty hand is just one (and the lowest rung on the ladder). You will learn how to use a variety of improvised and intentional weapons that you will be able to strike, stab and bludgeon.

      Training Partner
      Regarding a partner…NO. Even if you had a partner 90% of your training is on either a training dummy or a heavy bag. We show you EXACTLY how to set up your training area in Module 1. Also, the techniques where you would use a partner like throwing ARE NOT ESSENTIAL FOR SELF DEFENSE. So you don’t need one.

      Download or DVD?

      First of all you don’t need to download anything. All of the videos are streaming so you can get started today, right now – just go to click on a Module on the Dashboard and Choose a Membership or you can order the DVDS – we ship anywhere.

      Cheapest Training Option?
      CLEARLY the cheapest option to start training now is the $19.95 per month
      You can also sign up for the year for $199.95 upfront which is technically the cheapest overall but go with the $19.95 if you don’t have the $199.95.

      Once you start training, we’ll help you through the training right here.


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      James Goolsby


      For what it is worth, I was in my mid 40’s, fairly sedentary, with two bad knees, and I hadn’t worked out in years when I got started. It wasn’t a problem. What [Damian Ross] teaches is not sport martial arts where you might need to be in peak physical condition. He is training us for the real world, where we may not be the youngest or the fittest, or even the most well-rested. We must be able to defend ourselves regardless of how we feel in the moment, because we don’t control when we will be attacked. When it’s “go time”, it’s time to go!

      If anything, it is more important for someone like yourself to learn SDTS because, as Damian says in the course, “Football player’s don’t get mugged.” It’s people like you and me who at at most risk because we are perceived to be the weaker victim. I promise, once you start with SDTS nothing will be further from the truth… dirtbag will have a rude awakening waiting for him should he decide to pick on you! Smile

      As far as cost, I think you would be hard pressed to find any program that’s worth a damn for less than $20 a month. To be honest, it’s worth at least twice that, easy — just don’t tell Damian… I think we’ve got him fooled. Wink

      Perhaps even more valuable than even the training is “the family”. Once you become a member, you will belong to a brotherhood that cannot be broken. I have no doubt that any member would have my back and I, theirs. We are building relationships that will last a lifetime. Heck, I even consider Damian not only a trusted mentor, but one of my best friends in the world… and we have never even met!!!! Where else are you going to find that kind of loyalty to one another?

      Give it a go, my friend. I can almost guarantee with 100% certainty you will not be disappointed.

      Stay safe.

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