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Indio, California the New Wild West?!?!

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      As if catching criminals wasn’t hard enough, now KEEPING them is even harder. Today CNN reported in Indio California, USA the local prison is forced to release inmates due to budget cuts and space constraints.

      It is no surprise that local police are concerned about the impact on public safety as citizens are literally in fear for their lives.

      Logic dictates that they are going to release less violent criminals and inmates who have little to go on their sentence. But that’s not the major concern here.

      The major concern is the message being sent to criminals of the community. EVEN IF YOU DO GET CAUGHT, WE DON’T HAVE ANYPLACE PUT YOU.

      Experts believe that it’s this thinking that will lead to more brazen behavior and blatant disregard for the law.

      Police are overwhelmed and it’s up to you to do your part. The least you can do is handle your business. At the end of the day you either part of the solution or part of the problem. If you are not able to protect yourself and what matters most to you, you are part of the problem.

      Response times from police will no doubt increase as manpower gets stretched beyond capacity.

      Expect to see more and more of this over the next few years. Newly elected politicians who need to balance budgets are going to cut wherever they can like education and public safety. The time has come to step up and take some responsibility as a law abiding citizen.

      Look, Its simple, you don’t have to take any crap from anyone period. And you should be able to kick ass until the cavalry arrives.

      Damian Ross
      Not taking any crap…ever.

      456,202 Self Defense Training System members just booked flights to Indio, CA to help “keep the peace”.

      PPS. The only “good news” is that our new Trainer in Indio, CA, Kyle Hinkle, will probably have a banner year!!

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      The same is occurring here in Washington State. And, on top of that, police are reducing personnel to off set budget cuts. In 2009, my department took a $10M cut – that equated to 40+ deputy positions – nearly a 5% reduction. No physical bodies were layed off, just unfilled positions gone for good. This year (2010), the department took another $1.3M cut. Again, that was about 10 unfilled positions (due to retirements over the year) gone. Over the past two years, that is 700 commissioned deputy down to 650 to cover the 14th most populated county in the nation covering 2,134 square miles with a total population of 1.9M people (400,000? living out of cities); my department also contracts police services for 12 cities out of 39 in King County – roughly 1:950.

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      Are you guys picking up OT or just going out under staffed?

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      Plenty of OT, but it takes it toll.

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      Yep, overtired and overworked staff is not what you want on the front lines.

      The problem is that EVERYTHING is connected. That store that goes out of business or that broker who lost his house can no longer pay taxes for public infrastructure.

      It has to come out of somewhere. In New Jersey, the teachers aren’t getting their 4% annual raise and of course they complain (it;’s at 2%). They’re not thinking about the big picture: there is no money.

      Of course union delegates and elected officials are all politicians so they inherently can’t be trusted.

      But there must be a point we adopt an attitude of best intentions and work toward a common goal.

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      I have a solution. Call in the National Guard and have them sweep gang infested areas. Ohhh. That’s not to Politically Incorrect is it. Well sometimes you have to clean up the streets with a gun. After all, it is the wild wild west! Less gangbangers, less problems, then people will think before they act when the Army’s rolling in.

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