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      J R

      I injured my shoulder doing too much on the bench press. It feels like my rotator cuff, doc says I’ll be ok. But, when I try to jab and train boxing with my training partner (who still is not interested in SDC training) it hurts like hell.

      So, after taking a couple of days off because of the pain I remember everything Damian always says in his blogs, you need to be able to use your fighting style, whatever it is, if you are injured, sick, old, etc. So, I went to the “dojo” and went to work on the B.O.B. with some Module 1 action. I was able to deliver effective strikes despite my shoulder being hurt. I can still be effective despite the pain but with jabs, hooks, uppercuts, etc., not happening. Once again, SDC wins.

      (I even trained some of the throws and was able to do those despite the pain.)

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      Dallas Williams

      This is exactly why SDTS is superior to everything else for self defense, is you can still train or fight if you have to at least somewhat effectively even if you’re injured, sick, minorly intoxicated due to alcohol or drugs, out of shape, or disabled because the tactics used are gross motor movements that can still be physically performed and mentally recalled under stress or less than optimal conditions. It doesn’t require a great deal of cognitive thought or physical ability or a lot of training to be able to throw an axe hand, heel of hand, hand yoke, elbow spike, etc. and even less to stab them in the solar plexus or neck with a knife or whack them in the head with a black jack, but not so for more complex strikes or techniques you see in martial art or competitive sport based fighting like boxing or mma. In fact it is the injured, ill, elderly, or disabled who need self defense skills more than anybody else because that is who predators are most likely target because they see them as more weak and vulnerable marks. But with knowledge and training in the SDTS you can quickly prove them wrong and make them sorry they ever decided to mess with you no matter who you are :)!

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      Great post JR. And you are right. The SDC is the perfect system and is designed to work regardless of physical limitations.

      Good on you brother.

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      This is why I love this system. Even being sore as hell from working out the previous day and can barely move my muscles I’m still able to smack bob around like a rag doll.

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