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It’s hard to choose between good causes, so let’s make it easier.

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      This is a great way check out a charity before you give them a cent of your hard earned money. There are many good causes, so make sure they’re doing what they say. We’d all like to help the families of those who died in action or became disabled. I don’t think anyone doesn’t think medical research isn’t worth while, and nobody likes the idea someone going to bed hungry. Just make sure your money is helping change that.

      Give this list a quick look and make sure your favorite charity isn’t on the list. So many of these give almost no money to those they’re claiming to help. Millions are spent on golf outings, telemarketers, and related costs before any money is given to those who need it. Executives pocket millions, and despite government investigations and law suits many are still in business. Don’t let this scum pray on your generosity.

      One of the many things I’ve picked up from working with Mr. Ross is that integrity and ethics shouldn’t be pushed aside when you’re doing business. So if helping your fellow man is your business your bottom line should be about making things better for the next person not those who need to make a profit..

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      This is important to know. It’s better to pick a charity and support it, rather than just give to the next one that comes along.

      While people should be compensated for their time, a lot of charities (UNICEF comes to mind) where the company pays it’s employees excessive salaries and perks.

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      James Goolsby


      I was involved personally with one while doing consulting here in Tennessee a while back. They had a great vision and mission, and everyone seemed to be doing it right (i.e. caring hearts, no excessive salaries/spending, etc.) Then, a few years ago, thankfully after I was gone, the founder/CEO was “removed” by his board because it turned out he was dipping into the coffers for personal expenses… and not cheap ones by any means. Of course, they booted him and seem to be back on track, but it does go to show that one bad apple… Embarassed

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      Money does some strange things to people.

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