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      Every dojo, school and business is alive. It has peaks and valleys, youth and maturity. Yesterday, Mr. Jones, Mr. Becher and I enjoyed an excellent training session. In fact, it capped off a week of fun and training.

      we will be posting some of the videos on our youtube channel:

      And the blog: https://martial-arts-self-defense.blogspot.com/

      The Pompton Lakes Training Center has been experiencing a change. It started over 1 year ago. It’s as if it has reset or re-calibrated. Any business is a living, breathing entity. There is nothing that is “auto-run”. It must be tended to and managed in order to survive.

      The same goes for training. We are not machines. Each year we must continue to look for new challenges, new ideas and something to spark our enthusiasm. Believe me, after 33 years on the mat…you tend to get a little board. But then you get inspiration. It used to come from instructors…now, it comes from students and colleagues.

      I’m extremely fortunate to have people I can call friend. I am lucky to have friends that I can hit, throw and strangle and then go get something to eat with. My hope is that I can continue to do this until it’s over. 2009, while rough for most is going to be incredible, I can feel it.

      Thanks again Roger and Will, yesterday was great.

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