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      In Kelly McCanns book he shows a technique called a face mash. Is this the same as the tiger claw strike because he says that the fingers are to go into the eyes or is it a full on forward face slap. If you look at the finger jab in the book, it looks like the same technique as the face mash. The eye jab hits with the fingers and the palm collapses under them. Is this not the tiger claw strike also? What makes them different from each other? Is it the delivery or how it hits? Thanks for your time.

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      From what I’ve researched, Damian’s version of the tiger claw is what some folks say is a variation of the chin jab followed by the fingers clawing into the eyes – up & in.

      The face “mash” is really the face smash which is a downward movement into the face like the chin jab (open hand) followed with the fingers into the eyes – down & in.

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