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      James Goolsby

      God, I’m really starting to hate social media. It seems like everywhere I look — Youtube, Facebook, public forums, etc. — there is always some jackass who wouldn’t know a wrist lock from a wrist watch giving their opinion or talking about how tough they are, all the while it is immediately apparent the only thing they know about self defense is how to type the friggin’ words!

      I believe in SDTS. Hell, I’ve used SDTS. And yet, you can go to Damian’s videos on Youtube, for example, and see all kinds of douche bags claiming it would’t work. Really?!?! Here’s a tip: until you’re eyeball to eyeball with the lowest scumbags on earth trying to take your head off, you don’t F’N know what works or not, so STFU!!!

      Sorry about the rant. I really am. I’m usually not this negative, but these a-holes are really starting to get under my skin. Guess it’s easy to talk tough in the anonymous privacy of your own home. Anyway, I just needed to vent a bit (maybe I’m just tired), so thanks for listening.

      Stay Safe.

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      Peace and Love Jim, Peace and Love.

      You’re right, most people don’t have to deal with violence and don’t understand what’s out there. The imagine what it would be like and then inject reasoning into unreasonable situations.

      Add to that, they invest a lot of time and money into whatever they believe in. Its like a religion.

      Unlike you and me and the others here, who only seek the truth – they will mindlessly defend what they do because they are compelled.

      What shocks me are “experts” who have defended themselves using simple, gross motor skills and then have themselves convinced that they were able to do that because they practiced katas for the last 10 years. When in reality we know that they could have avoided all that if they just practiced the strike on a target for a few weeks.

      We will fight the good fight and those who want the truth will find it.

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      They watch way to much tv and think they know it all.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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